Campaign Summary Part 2
What does the DM think?

Well, here we are. For a year and a half we have played this D&D campaign, the very first one I have ever run. We’ve fought fantastic battles, waxed diplomacy, seen friends and foes die and ultimately rolled a lot of dice, with both high and low rolls. In the end, despite the raw power of the evil Lich Zaggaroth, the players managed to slay him and stop his plans, and now need lead Lorr into a new world of two peaceful empires.

The biggest lesson I took away was the learning curve of pretty much everything, from newbie DM to “DM with one campaign under his belt, who now wants to run more”. A lot of things transpired when I was telling the story of Lorr, and honestly some of it worked, and other bits not as well. However, through the gradual process of campaign forging, now every other campaign I run will be succinct and professional from the start, rather than doing that halfway in with this campaign. However, Lorr will always have a fond memory as the first successful campaign I have ever run, and having lovable characters such as Ambrose Melachor, Gaius Rodgar and of course, Cador Bayronx. This perhaps pertinently shows another lesson: expect the players to add interesting choices that affect the story, and work with them. Initially, Bayronx was simply a lvl 4 boss, a one-shot adventure villain that once the players defeated would never be seen again. However, they spared him and befriended him, and he soon became their closest and most important ally, adding his own tragic tale in with their own, and ultimately redeeming himself in the end. Such unexpected decisions add an entirely different element to the game, and to be honest, Bayronx now the Lord of Jader-stone with a bright future ahead is much more satisfying then any brutal way they could of slew him in the tower. If any DM’s read this, these really are the two key lessons to take away.

I want to thank everyone who kept up to date with our posts and followed the story to its brilliant conclusion, especially the Canadian gaming group of Elliot Lake who emailed in often. We really appreciate the support guys, and I hope your campaign goes just as well as ours, which sounds like it will because the last email you sent had the players fighting against a necromancer riding a black dragon! I want to thank the players who made the game so enjoyable and fun, as well as working with me despite the fact that I was new and made mistakes every now and again, and finally thanks to Wizards of the Coast for carrying on what in my opinion is the best game on the planet. Hopefully I will be starting a new campaign soon, and I’m sure if not the next one a story of dungeons and dragons will be uploaded onto Obsidian Portal in the near future.
Until then, Happy Gaming!
-Mike, DM

Campaign Summary Part 1
What do the players think?

So there it is, the end of an era, the villain having been defeated and a new age of hope comes over the Empire of Lorr. But what do the players think? Lets find out!

Lord Farfal Kerreh/Soulshard (John):
What I loved most about the campaign of Lorr was the character development as we played through the plot. At first I’ll admit, I wasn’t into as much as I should have been in that I was distracted a lot, primarily because I was new to the game and so wasn’t fully “in it” yet. However, as the game went on I felt as though I got better, particularly in the role playing aspect. I don’t know how the other members of my party felt but I found myself naturally sliding into the leadership role within our group. This was likely due to the individuality of the character (albeit there was a particular player who made a habit of changing character a lot). Personally I enjoyed the campaign overall, the story line being particularly great and immersive, and impressive in it’s entirety although there could of been more in-depth focuses. Overall, I believe the campaign left nothing to be desired.

Stelian Souleater (Alistair):
I have very much enjoyed playing this campaign. You may have seen Kyle’s comments, but I had no such doubts. I played the starter session euthusiastically, and as such came to expect more great things from this DM. I especially enjoyed the Spell-Edge adventures and hanging out in Jinglewater. My only problems were thinking of things for my character to say, and finding a character build that I could enjoy to the fullest. I too am looking forward to the next campaign, where I believed those two issues may be sorted by becoming an assassin.

Kai Rellin (Kyle):
During the campaign i was hesitant at first, primarily from the change in editions and the thought of an inexperienced DM. I am glad that I did join however, because as we were going through Mike got much more experienced and learnt more about how to do this. There have been many moments I enjoyed, The betrayal, the saving of Baryonx, The Gnoll King, Jaderstone/reach political rivarly, The whole Northland adventure, Abanzar, Kyazonihica (Kya) Rellin debacle, Geoffrey (<3)>ll chalk that to inexperience and they are minor concerns that do not effect the game greatly. I have enjoyed playing this iteration of Kai Rellin, he has been fun to RP with the guys. The campaign was a bit lacking on the RP perspective but it has become a lot better nearing the finale. I feel like the other players have enjoyed it as much as I have, if not more. But now the campaign is finished, fading into the Lore of the realm, I am waiting to see the next campaign eagerly.

And there you have it! 3 satisfied players. In the final post of the campaign, the DM will voice his opinions on the campaigns and what he learnt. Until then, Happy Gaming! -Mike, DM
Episode 30: The Epilogue
Ending the story of three legendary heroes...

And with this, a new era of peace and prosperity begins in Lorr. Under The 2nd Most Noble Supreme High Lord Farfal Kerreh , new towns and infrastructure is set up across the rich new lands of the Empire. Damage done from the 2nd Great Lich War is rebuilt, but is never forgotten, the ruins of the Black Pyramid serving as a constant reminder of the sacrifices of many noble men and women made in order to ensure a peaceful world. Business booms quickly, Hellmoney Industries Ltd producing a number of important products as well as a large networks of bakeries established across the Empire on Supreme High Lord Kerreh’s orders.

In addition, many of the party’s allies fit themselves into key new roles within the world. Cador Bayronx, perhaps the party’s greatest friend becomes the Lord of Jader-stone, and despite his terrible and sordid past with it, he becomes a well-loved leader as he treats his people very kindly and fairly. Loneth Darkshade becomes Lord of Jingle-water as well as a personal confidant to Supreme High Lord Farfal, now preferring to be called Novak Darkshade in trying to focus on a better future rather than his haunted past. Arnlock, the simple wood-cutter ally who saved the party in their most dire hour, becomes the Lord of the Oakenbold forest, a very large and expansive area of land which covers many different settlements of people, and as such he holds a lot of responsibility, which he handles extremely well. Four High Lords lead the way for the thirteen other new lordships that have since been granted in the time of Lorr’s expansion, in what is known as the Badass Council of Lordry (Greymoor named it). These High Lords include Redgar Alain, Johnathan Hague, Ambrose Melachor and Emilia Pax. Ambrose Melachor uses his position to begin to rebuild the disbanded elven covens all across the lands and make them a part of the Empire, whereas Emilia Pax’s position makes her the first ever High Lady, and challenges some male-female conceptions of rank across the land. Daglos Shield becomes a high-ranking captain within the hierarchy, and Gaius Rodgar still remains chief adviser to the now supreme leader of the huge land. Jarn was offered the position of the Supreme High Lord’s champion, but refused it as it was simply not in his nature, and now commands a group of highly-trained mercenaries who work for the Empire known as The Fire Scales. Finally, the most beloved of all barkeeps in the land, Jacob Jackson (JJ) is highly successful after the 2nd Great Lich War, building the world’s largest tavern, The Drunken Hague, in Courtbridge. Both noble and commoner alike drink together their, and it promotes new harmony and tolerance amongst the people for one another.

Meanwhile, many hundreds of miles away in the frozen Northlands, the Rellin family is very strong and prosperous in the Capital of Darkwall. Since the defeat of Zaggaroth, the winters are less cruel and so farming becomes substantially more successful in the cold region. The population expands massively, and the Black Rangers number increase too, and are rebuilt to their former strength. Several of the townsteads which fell during the dark times are slowly being reclaimed and rebuilt, and things are looking up for these people’s bleak existences. Alex Rellin is the Castellan of the lands, and subsequently is married and produces two male heirs for the family to rule generations onwards. Gwen initially found it difficult to settle into the ways of life at the Northlands, but she slowly found her calling in running a orphanage for parentless children, an unexpected result if there ever was one but chiefly marks a new age where the Empire of the Northlands, while retaining its proud and separate history to the Empire of Lorr, will catch up to some extent in terms of public initiatives. Kai Rellin acts as chief advisor to Alex as well as father-figure to all within the family, and is often seen as the glue which holds them together from time-to-time. He cannot be happier, his family finally together in its entirety and his true home rebuilt and to last for many ages. The two Empires maintain a very good relationship with one another, and Kai often comes to visit the Supreme High Lord to share old stories as well as a drink or two.

As for the Stelian Soul-eater, his fate remains largely a mystery to the Empire of Lorr. Many Imperial spies often report seeing him, but these leads turn cold when they are followed further. Some say he is in the Astral Sea itself and has become an angel of Pelor. Others argue he never really left Lorr, and often performs many heroic acts whenever he comes across people in trouble. Mostly people believe that he is doing exactly what the Supreme High Lord said he was doing, fighting horrific foes on other shattered worlds, stopping villains whose impact upon the very planes itself could be devastating, and that he will return at a time when Lorr truly needs him, if that ever is the case.

And so this ends the tale of the Empire of Lorr, and how it was pulled back from the brink of destruction at the hands of an ancient and powerful foe from a dedicated, courageous and definitely lucky group of heroic adventurers. However, despite the peace brought to the new land through the work of others, this is not to say the place is entirely peaceful. Even now, villains plot to bring ruin to the Empire and all its denizens, be it for the reasons of hatred, greed or power, and be it through the stroke of a pen or the lunge of the blade. They exist, and very soon they will enact their evil plans and schemes and many innocents will suffer. Nonetheless, it is fair to say that the main threat which has plagued the Empire will never rise again, and that any new threats which appear to ruin this most noble land will be met with well-prepared and strong retaliation. This is no longer a time OF heroes, but now it is a time RULED BY heroes, and this key difference will defeat the evil forces of the world for years and years to come. THE END.

Episode 29: The Final Battle
Final adventure for the heroes of Lorr...

In the last adventure ever of the Lorr campaign, the party take the fight to the Lich King Zaggaroth in an epic battle to finally stop him from ripping holes in the Mortal Plane to the Shadowfell and over-runing the world with undead.

Playing in this episode were:
-Mike (me), the evil dungeon master of the world Lorr
-John, playing Lord Farfal Kerreh, a chaotic good human cleric of Pelor
-Kyle, playing Kai Relin, a neutral human ranger
-Alistair, playing Sir Stelian Soul-eater, a neutral Vryloka Vampire Stalker

Chapter 1: Pre-battle preparations
After the death of Strom, the party traveled to Jingle-water which had been recently been taken back by the United Empire Army of Lorr and was now being used as the place to launch the main assault onto the Galvinad Plain against the undead. Once they arrived there, they found that the Black Pyramid was now only two miles away, as were the rest of the undead, from the well-armed and tirelessly training army. They came to the top of the tower of the Leaflord where the other Lords were in a pre-battle meeting, and they decided to give a great speech to the soldiers down below. The combined words of Farfal, Kai Rellin and Cador Bayronx led to the men feeling inspired, and would make them fight all the more harder in the fight soon to come. The party were then briefed on the plan-in that they would use the Holy Symbol of the Supreme High Lord to enter and hopefully exit the pyramid, and fight their way through the Lich’s Shadowfell lair before killing him and then stopping the machines from fulfilling their deadly purpose. The party would complete this alongside their allies Bayronx, Jarn and Novak. Once the party agreed to this, Farfal proceeded to celebrate with the lords by getting drunk, Stelian not partaking in the drinking and Kai Rellin heading down onto the tented plain below to find his group of hunters. While there, he encountered the other Twin Dagger who had left him alone for a long time, and to his surprise explained it did not want to kill him due to the key role he was to play in the upcoming battle. Kai Rellin respected her decision, and gave her 500GP as some kind of compensation, which the assassin thanked him for, and then left him alone for good. With this turn of events, Kai Rellin quickly visited his hunter group and wished them luck before leaving to join the rest of the party to mentally prepare for tomorrow’s epic battle.

Chapter 2: Getting into the Pyramid
At the crack of dawn, the party awoke and mounted Akaroth, who flew them as quickly as possible towards the deadly construct. At the same time, the United Empire Army of Lorr led by High Lord Alain and the other lords, led the charge upon the undead forces, literally thousands upon thousands of soldiers smashing into the undead ranks. However, this was simply a fight for survival, as the proximity of Zaggaroth meant that undead who were felled simply rose again, and even those who had fallen rose up to, although not many thanks to the party advising the soldiers to burn their comrade’s corpses where they can. Nearing the Pyramid, the eldritch lightning it had been firing down into the battle below now began to fire at the dragon and the party instead, and they were almost hit once, but Akaroth managed to shield most of the blows. Finally getting close enough, they teleported into the Shadowfell lair of Zaggaroth and found themselves in a black stone room with a charnel floor and stairs that led up to a black wall with 4 circular indents. However, the symbol itself crumbled to dust due to having been very ancient and used before, so the party would have to be more inventive with finding a way out.
The party noticed that the room was essentially alive, as trying to set fire to the floor caused it to roll body parts on the flame and put them out. They also noticed that their was a bulging mass moving underneath the centre of the room, and so Farfal decided to hit it with a 10-ft pole and awaken the fearsome Bone-grinder, a deadlier version of Otyugh that feasts primarily on undead flesh and naturally reside in the Shadowfell. Several zombies and skeletons were formed from the floor, and everyone rolled for initiative. The fight was difficult, as the Bone-grinder had a lot of health and the charnel floor not only spawned more undead minions during the battle, but also tried to suck any unwary characters under it’s surface to their deaths. It almost got Kai Rellin at one point, if Bayronx had not saved him ! Finally, the party managed to escape by pulling out 4 octagon like puzzle-pieces all over the room to open the wall up the stairs. Running straight for it, the wall closed behind them when all of them exited the charnel room, protecting them from their would-be killers.

Chapter 3: The Prism of Impenetrable Insanity
In this room, there was a golden diamond upon the wall which was filled with white light and various scintillating colors, and Novak recognized it as the dreaded Prism of Impenetrable Insanity, which he had been through once before. The party found out that it was originally built by Vastormix in an attempt to drive any would-be assailants insane by separating their mind from their body and putting them through a series of challenges. With Zaggaroth now in charge of this, he was likely to want to main their minds more than kill them, perhaps so he could gloat at them when he achieved his dark goal. Nonetheless, the party could do nothing but go through it, and they did surprisingly well in all 3 of the challenges. The first challenge was a series of riddles posed by each High Lords:

High Lord Alain:
Some use it as a weapon, others as a shield. Without it, you would most likely die. With it, you are weak. It is man-made and can be dangerous. What is it?

High Lord Zarkovich:
Whoever makes it, tells it not,
Whoever takes it, knows it not,
Whoever knows it, wants it not

High Lord Arcarnate:
A nightmare for some. For others, as a savior I come. My hands, cold and bleak, it’s the warm hearts they seek.

The answers were Power, Fake Money and Death respectively, the clues being in the lives and positions each of those High Lords held. With each riddle solved, the head of the teller would pop off and roll to the party, who needed all 3 to open the door to the second part of the Prism’s challenges.
The second challenge in the Prism was a fight with many of the party’s ex-villians in the ruined town of Jader-stone, arguably how it would look if they failed to defeat Zaggaroth. They fought Khesdra, Klast, Brug, Jaegar Grimmsword, Droug, Abanazar, Zane and everyone’ favorite Logan Hellmoney. Once again, the party were reminded why they were here today as the butchered their way through the ex-villians, and Farfal came to the profound realization that killing Logan a second time is still just as fun as the first.
The final challenge of the party was to navigate their way through the Maze of Eternal Despair, a
deadly and difficult maze filled with complicated death traps around every corner. Novak had navigated once when going to defeat Vastormix, but he had a vague memory of it since those times, and Zaggaroth may have changed what was in certain areas of it. Despite this, the party finally found that one of their mundane magic items was useful in the form of the Map of Orienteering. Using the map, Novak easily found a safe way through the labyrinth and to the other end of the Prism, which the party jumped through and found themselves at one with their bodies again. After that, they went down a long black-stone staircase to a door with a golden face on it, and realized that like the Mortal Plane Black Pyramid layout, Zaggaroth would be behind this door. Bracing themselves, the party kicked the door open, and were ready to fight the most important battle of their lives.

Chapter 4: Crits, Crits everywhere
Upon entering the door, they found themselves in a large grey rocky cavern, shadowfell crystals sticking out from several rocky walls. In the centre of the room was a large black stone pillar, within which several eldritch machines were being slowly powered up, purple orbs in their claw-like tops. Striding atop of the pillar was none other then the Dark King Zaggaroth the Dreaded himself, his polished bones clad in scarlet red robes, a gleaming golden crown atop his head with five green gems that shimmered with magical energy. From behind his empty sockets glows a faint red glow, and as he speaks in his terrible alternating pitch voice, the screams of the souls he has claimed can be faintly heard in the background. He taunted the heroes for the foolishness even in their final hour, failing to realize that he didn’t simply intend to rip holes from the Shadowfell to the Mortal Plane, but rather to fuse the two planes as one, creating a new plane which only the undead could thrive in that he would rule.
With the stakes even higher, the party leapt into action, charging straight towards the Lich King. Several heavily armored wights suddenly appeared from behind the rocky cavern walls and jumped into combat, as well as Zaggaroth beginning to use a deadly plethora of spells learnt from his many centuries of magical study with no limitations. The party decided to try to use the force bomb to stop the machine before it went off, so the activated the force bomb and tried to defend it until it went off. However, Zaggaroth’s magical powers were strong and he was often able to disable it with ease. The party then passed a series of checks to figure out how to deactivate The Eldritch Machine, and discerned that either killing Zaggaroth before a certain amount of time had passed or disabling it via a difficult skill challenge was possible. Farfal tried to disable it for a short time, but then decided a focused effort against Zaggaroth and his minions was better. A number of crits were scored on Zaggaroth, particularly from Lichbane, and slowly but surely despite the Arise! power the Lich King possessed, the wights were slain one-by-one. Finally, after much combat, the party managed to bloody their dreaded foe.

Chapter 5: Bosses come in triplicates !!!
Suddenly with that hit, Zaggaroth transformed as thick black shadow coiled around his form, his bony ribcage and skull glowing a deep blue as he became Zaggaroth the Great Shadow. Cold blackness filled the air, and the screams of the damned souls became substantially louder as 4 Black Shadows ripped themselves free to aid their dark master. The fight dragged on longer, Zaggaroth defenses becoming lower but his attacks becoming more powerful. The party slew the Black Shadow’s quickly, but found the damage from Zaggaroth the Great Shadow slowly wearing them down. One unfortunate critical hit from the evil Lich led to Novak being slain as any icy blast punched through his chest, his only regrets on his dying lips that he wished he had served Lord Farfal better. Finally, the group managed to a ton of damage, and Zaggaroth shadow dissipated, and as the unlife faltered from his eye sockets he dropped to his knees, finally killed by the party after so long.
Or so for a second they thought. Within an instant who exploded into a flaming mass of anger, his skeletal body now covered in red and orange flame, cursing the party for their intrusion in his plans from the very beginning, and how they would bother him no more. He was now in his final and most deadly form-Zaggaroth, the Wrathful Harbinger. Stelian was killed within seconds, being knocked down and then the following turn coup-de-grace with a flaming bolt. The party hacked away at Zaggaroth, who was made more difficult because of his copious Gaze of Flame attack and his flaming aura, but after much fighting, being bloodied and dodging attack, Farfal managed to deliver the killing blow with Lichbane-a turn before The Eldritch Machine was due to go off. As Zaggaroth crumbled into dust and the souls he had devoured returned to the Soul Well to rest in peace, the machine slowly ground to a halt. The evil dream that Zaggaroth had would come true no more. Then, after Farfal resurrected Novak, the cavern began to collapse, and the party took a massive risk by trying to escape via the Orb of the Far Realm. Fortunately, Farfal’s rolls came through and the party (and Stelians corpse) made it out of the Shadowfell alive to Jingle-water.

Chapter 6: A visit from above
The party watched as the Black Pyramid landed and collapsed in on itself from the top and the army of the undead did the same thing. The United Empire Army of Lorr surrounded the heroes, chanting a number of phrases like “THE HEROES OF THE EMPIRE”, “LORR’S SAVIOURS” AND “ZAGGAROTH’S BANE”. Suddenly, a golden light descended from the sky, and it turned out that not only an Angel of Pelor had come to visit the party for their great success, but it was the Supreme High Lord Ustrad Sunbrand who had ascended to such a position in the afterlife. He explained how both he and Pelor were proud of their success, and as such wanted to give each of them a gift for their courage. For Lord Farfal, he was now named Supreme High Lord, and his heirs would follow in his footsteps for the many years to come. For Kai Rellin, he was allowed to live with his family once more, and the Northlands was now granted a separate Empire status, referred to from this day on as The Empire of the Northlands. Finally, Stelian was to come with the Supreme High Lord, for he embodied true heroic virtues and would be much-needed in other, more darker lands where heroes would be needed to turn the tide and bring fortune back to these places again. He agreed (despite being dead still), and as he was taken with the Angel, it left the heroes one final gift to contend with. With a loud rumble from the earth, the barren lands which the undead had ruined grew plentiful once more, earthen hills becoming grass-covered plains, empty river-beds flowing with fresh water once more. A new land, for the remnants of the Empire to rebuild and expand, an be peaceful once more…

And so this ends the adventures of the party. With great courage and strength they slew the dreaded and highly powerful Lich King Zaggaroth, the main villain of the campaign who had been planning the downfall of the Empire for centuries. This year and a half campaign has been one hell of a ride, and I have had a lot of fun planning and running adventures as a first-time DM. Now with this experience under my belt, I hope to run many great campaigns having learnt a number of important lessons from running this one. I also want to thank Kyle, Alistair and John for being a absolutely fantastic party, and that you guys really made the experience twice as fun as it should of been. Now all that remains is to find out what happens to our esteemed heroes in the epilogue of this epic tale.
Until then, Happy Gaming !
-Mike, DM

Episode 28: The Search for the Phylactery/Tying up loose ends: Part 2
You forgot one thing Strom...I have friends !

In the second part of the Penultimate adventure, the party once again find themselves roaming through World-Edge to find and destroy Zaggaroth’s Phylactery and finish any key sub-plots they need to before they attempt to save the Empire from the brink of destruction.

Playing in this episode were:

-Mike (me), the evil dungeon master of the world Lorr
-John, playing Lord Farfal Kerreh, a chaotic good human cleric of Pelor
-Kyle, playing Kai Relin, a neutral human ranger
-Alistair, playing Sir Stelian Soul-eater, a neutral Vryloka Vampire Stalker

Chapter 6: Important history
The party advance forward through the dungeon, going through a large golden hallway which they looted several gems from the statues and also ancient books and tomes from the bookcases. They found out through several arcana and religion checks, they found out an important part of Elven coven history. Abanazar (the treacherous High Lord Jorgan Arcarnate) was the second-in-command of the Coven after Mallosar Spellbreaker, and created the warforged and place them in all covens in order to guard them from the outside world, animating them using the power of the Elemental Prince Imix, who Mallosar had good connections with and would make the created warforged substantially stronger. However, Abanazar instead used this to control the elven covens, using the physical force of the warforged to induct more mages to join the necromancer cult’s ranks or slaughter those who tried to stop them. They also helped in slaughtering the covens during the time in which Jaegar Grimmsword did so as well, in order for Abanazar to cover his tracks. This history made the party ponderous, and searching the area thoroughly before they advanced deeper into World-Edge revealed to them a golden-barred room in which a glowing, pulsating force sphere lay. Checks revealed this deadly item was a Force-Bomb, a powerful device which could do a catastrophic amount of damage. Abanazar created two of them to use in the First Great War of the Undead, and it was revealed that one had been used to utterly devastate Noscarta, which beforehand had been a large island town, converted to a prison island over there was no use for it. The party decided they would take this weapon if they could, as it would be a great tool if used against Zaggaroth, and were resolute to find the stone tile which fit into the slot to open the door. With this in mind, they pressed further onwards in hope of finding it.

Chapter 7: Destroying the Guardians
Moving forwards, the group found the next area of World-Edge had been maintained, several torches lighting the way into corridors which contained warforged-animated robots of Abanazar’s used to protect the inner areas of World-Edge. They fought through them in tough fights, one in particular being with a Stone Golem was in which Stelin had used a blue gem to summon a magical ooze to fight on the party’s side before they reached a key area. Standing on steps leading up to a huge blazing brazier was the Warforged Flame Priest of Imix, the leader of the Warforged guardians at World-Edge and the most powerful of all it’s kin. The party confronted it to determine it’s alliance, and found that it was loyal to Abanazar through-and-through, almost managing to activate the force bomb in order to prevent the party from advancing any further. Th encounter was a difficult one, and the Flame Priest himself actually killed two characters outright-Farfal and Stelian. However, by the skin of their teeth they managed to win, Farfal being resurrected using the final staff of life and Stelin would be resurrected later once the part got out of the dungeon, Alistair taking on the role of Loneth Darkshade for the time being. They proceeded to claim the force bomb, and then find a 600ft drop downwards through a secret passageway in the floor which led to a watery cavern. The party struggled to solve the situation, but then being a resourceful bunch were able to find a way round it, getting Kai Rellin’s pseudo-dragon Geoffrey to take Farfal’s ring of feather-fall up to the next person so they could all drop down into the cavern safely.

Chapter 8: Battle with the Naga
The party entered further into the water-filled large cavern, and found that the Phylactery was hidden under the water. However, as they approached it 3 savage troglodytes emerged from the water armed with crude bone spears, and a blotchy yellow and white Naga (an ancient snake-sorcerer guardian) hissed at them and attacked. Unlike many other creatures in Dungeons and Dragons, Naga’s are practically immune to bargaining, which meant this was simply to be a fight to the death. The party dealt with the troglodytes quickly, although they did cause a fair amount of damage before going down, and then focused on fighting the fierce Naga. However, this creature was both tough and fast, so was able to do a nasty amount of damage to the party in the form of tail-slap and words of pain, two highly deadly attack powers. Finally, with a arrow in the head from Kai Rellin’s bow (whom the dice gods favored very well throughout the battle for his bravery throughout the battle) dropped the vicious beast, and gained some loot from it’s stomach in the form of a fire-creating ring. The party then grabbed and attempted to open the Phylactery, which it’s strange nature had them on edge anyway. However, despite a great degree of success in the skill challenge they failed to do so, fumbling their dice rolls near the end, and would have to find another way in which to do so. With that, the party found a white stone plug in the centre of the cavern, and swimming out the tunnel and onto the coast of Courtbridge after about a day of swimming, they proceeded to destroy the Phylactery, finish business with their NPC friends and confront or prepare for Redgar Alain’s removal if they could.

Chapter 9: Grave news
Upon returning to Courtbridge, the players ran into Daglos Shield, their friend who suffered major burns during the Siege of Courtbridge from a flame catapult. He had for them terrible news; Jinglewater had been taken by the undead, and Lord William Hague had been killed during the battle. His son, the young Lord Johnathan Hague, has now taken power in his stead. The party told Daglos of Alain’s treachery, and after some shopping for essentials in Courtbridge the group (along with Daglos) went to Jaderstone to find Ambrose who could help them with the Phylactery. Farfal had a quick meeting with the three lords when they got there, and while Lord Hague and Lord Greymoor supported Alain’s possible removal, Albrecht did not and was outraged, leaving Farfal after saying some highly accusatory statements. Then, both Farfal and Kai Rellin spoke to their advisers about what they had learnt of Alain, garnering support from both Emilia and Gaius. However, the pair also information for both of them to; from Gaius, it was that the guards had managed to capture High Lord Zarkovich, and was now in their jurisdiction, and from Emila to Kai that Strom had left them a gruesome message. As it happened, Strom had brutally slaughtered all who had landed on Noscarta in the small evacuation during the siege. Moreover, this included Vi-Nuk-Sa who went after him and also the party’s beloved and comical friend Ludvig Rosewater, who had taken the evacuees there. Now he had Kai’s wife captive at a place known as Petregrav bridge, a key link between Jaderstone and Maplefield, and would kill her unless he showed up to speak with him. Time being of the essence, the party met with Ambrose to proceed on and destroy the Phylactery.

Chapter 10: The destruction of the Phylactery
The party returned to Ambrose, who was pleased to see his greatest friends as always, having in the recent days working on creating potions and magic items for the Empire’s army. He helped the party to push the Force bomb into an easy-to-carry orb, crucial for the final battle. Then, with the help of a few other allies he proceeded to open the Phylactery, and did so revealing a obsidian forged skull pendent. The party were puzzled by this, as their research had led them to believe that the Phylactery was in fact Vastormix’ crown, but then the pendent hissed at them. SUFFER FROM AGE AND FALL DOWN, IF YOU WISH TO FIND THE CROWN ! Ambrose explained that his meant someone had to wear the pendent, and suffer from the effects of rapid ageing in order for the crown to appear, a final nasty trap of Zaggaroth’s. However, the group had a wicked idea and got out Zarkovich, who they questioned on Alain’s loyalty, Zarkovich revealing it was a much different time back then. After this, they placed the pendent on Zarkovich turning him into an old man and causing the Crown of Vastromix to materialize. With a single strike from Lich-bane, Zaggaroth’s Phylactery was destroyed and it would be impossible for him to rise again if the party are able to defeat him. Then the party had him executed, still angry that he tried to flee Courtbridge when so many good men had fallen to protect men like him.

Chapter 11: Why we fight
Kai Rellin then started to question Ambrose rather tactfully, finding it strange that such a powerful eladrin wizard would ever hitch himself to rookie adventurers from the very beginning. Ambrose decided he needed to be honest, and told the party his life story. Many years ago, when Ambrose was a much younger eladrin living in the Feywild and only a novice mage, an elven sorceror took him under his wing and taught him many powerful spell and giving him the mastery of magic he has today. The pair grew close, and Ambrose felt as though the two of them would use their power to make a positive difference in not just their realm, but many of the others also. However, after a good many years of their exploits his tutor asked him to perform a powerful ritual with him in order to take him beyond his mortal constraints, and through the power of undeath become many times stronger than before. Ambrose refused, but sure enough he suffered for it when his entire family was murdered by his tutor. His tutor was in fact Magnus the Arcane, or as the world of Lorr knew him Vastormix the Black Lord, who unleashed a wave of undeath and eldritch terror upon the world of Lorr which changed the course of history forever. Since that day, Ambrose felt a sense of undeniable failure from not stopping Magnus’ ascent to power, and with nothing left in the Feywild came to Lorr to try make a difference to the recovering world itself. For centuries he failed to this adequately, simply collecting magical artifacts and ancient tomes to help him, but then one day the party walked into the tavern he first me them at, and he saw something inherently good in them, and knew they were a force for change in the world. Since then, the group has made massive differences with help from himself, and he hopes that they can defeat Zaggaroth and ultimately restore balance to the world. The party were very moved by what he said and vowed they would win this final battle, and it was at this point that High Lord Redgar Alain walked down the stairs to speak with them.

Chapter 12: The Battle plan
Alain talked to the part, unaware that they knew the truth about him gaining the promotion to his position by disregarding blasphemous followers of Asmodeus. He explained to the party that the army of the Empire were currently pushing forward to seize Jingle-water from the undead, the final battle taking place on a large area known as Galvinad Plain. As well a significantly being an advantageous position for the army when fighting the undead, but it also was the place where the army of men fought Vastormix in the first war. While the grand army held off the undead one, the part would fly on the back of Akaroth along with up to 4 allies of their choice (Cador Bayronx, Loneth Darkshade and Jarn) and teleport into the Shadowfell lair, where they would brave the Prism of Impenetrable Insanity as well as any other challenges they had to face before slaying Zaggaroth and destroying his several Eldritch machines before they rip holes leading to the Shadowfell, which would bolster his forces and lead him to complete victory. With the party clear on the plan, they asked Alain if they could secure any men from him to help him deal with Strom, which he replied was tough to do as they were all preparing for the final battle, but equally should ask Balrad, whose contributions to the war effort from Hellmoney Corporations Ltd. have been huge. The party thanked him once again, but before they left Alain tried to have a word with Farfal in order to justify his actions. Farfal refused, replying that what he has done is unforgivable and goes against almost every principle the Empire of Lorr holds, and that he would suffer for it greatly. In the end, the pair agreed that Alain could hold power and see the Empire through the final battle (providing his leadership was not called into question a second time) and then suffer for his crimes after the war was over, providing the Empire was still intact. With that, the group bid him farewell and rode to speak with Balrad.

Chapter 13: The End of Strom
Sure enough, Balrad was pleased to see them still alive and well, and was also sure enough to furious to learn where his enemy Strom was, the former captain who betrayed him and seized power of his own private army. With Balrad alongside them, the party traveled to Petragrav bridge to deal with Strom and get Kai’s wife back safely. When they got there, Strom stood in the middle of the wooden bridge, a handbow to Kya head and threatening to blow her brains out any second. The party then hatched a brilliant plan-guardian whistle Kya way from Strom’s hands under the bridge, thereby leaving him exposed to the party and the several crossbow-armed guards either side of the bridge which Strom had been standing off with for a long while. Kai Rellin approached Strom to talk with him while Farfal climbed under the bridge, Kai essentially distracting him. Strom told Kai that he wanted diplomatic immunity in the Northlands, and to finally be taken off of the Empire’s number 1 most wanted. Kai Rellin stalled for time, and just before his wife was teleported from Strom’s arms enacted this epic line:You forgot one thing Strom…I have friends ! and with that left Strom open, Kya Rellin safely in the hands of Farfal underneath him. Immediately Strom was shot at from either side, crossbow bolts filling his chest. He tumbled to the ground and fumbled for the Orb of the Far Realm to escape once more, but Kai Rellin snatched it up and cut off his outstretched hand. The party decided to let Balrad do the honours of choking the life out of Strom, which he duly did, and even in his last breaths Strom cursed the party, condemning them to failure and the complete destruction of the Empire. Finally, he was dead, and the most important loose end was tied up for the party. There would be no more opposition, or plots or just general evil from Strom, and as was said in the session: “Strom always fought like a bastard, so therefore he died like a bastard”. With that, the party now had one clear goal: to save the Empire from Zaggaroth’s undead clutches, and this next battle was going to be the most important battle of the heroes’ lives…

And that ends the penultimate adventure sessions, meaning that the next session we play as a group will be the last. As such, I want to just say thanks to everyone who stuck with us so far in this year-long journey of Dungeons and Dragons, and I want to assure that the last session will be one hell of an ending, be it victory or defeat.
Until then, Happy Gaming !
-Mike, DM

Episode 27: The Search for the Phylactery/Tying up loose ends: Part 1
Drink this !!!

In this penultimate adventure to the final battle, the party look for the phylactery in order to destroy it while tying up a number of loose ends. However, the party must first deal with some old villains who have bones to pick with them…

Playing in this episode were:
-Mike (me), the evil dungeon master of the world Lorr
-John, playing Lord Farfal Kerreh, a chaotic good human cleric of Pelor
-Kyle, playing Kai Relin, a neutral human ranger
-Alistair, playing Sir Stelian Soul-eater, a neutral Vryloka Vampire Stalker

Chapter 1: The conflict in the library
With the bomb under the table and a enemy with several of their own men in the library, Farfal was unsure what next steps to take alone without hurting his family. However, this situation was made both easier and worse when a hooded man from behind Larker revealed himself to be Vi-Nuk-Sa, the Shadar-Kai assassin who developed an insane resolve to kill Farfal after failing to many years ago. Sure enough, he threatened Cryce to let him deal with it and not him, but then to Farfal’s surprise Novak appeared from behind Vi-Nuk-Sa, and warned him to let go of his boss before he put a handbow bolt in his back. Sure enough, this was the final straw and the fight broke out among the 3 different groups. Cryce and his hired thugs, Vi-Nuk-Sa and two infamous assassins he hired and the party and their allies. During the combat Novak managed to get Farfal’s family and the civilians out safely, and by some quick maneuvering bu Farfal, the bomb also went off managing to kill all their enemies in the building besides Vi-Nuk-Sa. They defeated him, and then surprisingly offered him a deal: if he was to hunt down Strom and bring the party his head, he could finally have the one-on-one fight with Farfal he desperately wanted. Vi-Nuk-Sa agreed, and with that left the group to their own devices.

Chapter 2: Important Explantions
The party then demanded Novak explain himself, who they believed to be dead at Strom’s hands. Novak then admitted a surprising truth, that he was in fact none other than Loneth Darkshade, the only other legendary hero who’s actions were a mystery. He told them that during the final fight he left the Lich’s main lair room to plan a more daring assault, but was locked out of the room. With no other option, Loneth left the tomb and left Ustrad Sunbrand to deal with Zaggaroth. Accordingly Ustrad saw him as a traitor, and for many years Loneth felt ashamed of his actions. When he knew that Farfal was looking for a spy ring to be formed, he decided to aid him the best way he could in order to gain the redemption he needs. Now all he wishes to do is serve Farfal futher and moreover to the bitter end. Farfal allowed him to do this, and with this new companion in toe the party proceeded to find out where the phylactery was. They unlocked a safe in a secret chamber of the library using the key, but found out that it had been tampered with beforehand and realized this was likely the work of the final necromancer Malidon Skulldrain. The book inside told the party that a place called the Plaza of Orpheus would contain the knowledge the party needed to find Zaggaroth’s phylactery, the plaza being a place where the elves stored knowledge that they could share with the Empire. The Plaza lay inside the Oakenbold forest, the place the party had liberated long ago from the hands of the Gnoll-king.

Chapter 3: Dealing with the final necromancer
Gathering Baryonx for the adventure, they left for the forest on horseback straight away, and when they reached there paid a visit to the town of Wood-block, meeting with their old friend Arnlock once more. He explained to them that the undead had recently seized control of the forest and that they were afraid of being overrun. As such, Farfal told them to go to evacuate to Jaderstone and they would deal with their business here. Arnlock thanked them, and gave them useful directions to find the plaza. Sue enough when they did, it was an invisible white hut with golden gems in it’s design, and entering into it led to a long stone staircase going down, at the bottom leading out into a room where they found a long steel scepter with a red gem in the centre. This was the scepter of power, and as soon as the party took it, they found themselves yanked towards the direction of the phylactery’s location. When they returned to the surface and out the hut, they found themselves surrounded by undead and Malidon Skull-drain, who told them to give him the scepter so that he could take the phylactery to Zaggaroth and gain prestige from his dark master, in exchange for their lives for the time being. The party refused outright and attacked, and despite the deadliness of the Boneclaw that Malidon has summoned, tore through the undead group like paper. Malidon too met a horrific end when Farfal dominated him and made him commit suicide by drinking a vial of Necrolight poison, his inside rotted away until he was nothing more than an empty shell. After looting the corpses, the group then followed the scepter to where it was leading them to-to their surprise none other place then there first ever dungeon: Spell-edge.

Chapter 4: Self-fulfilling prophecies
Outside the dungeon, the party found a message spelt in the body parts of dead treasure looters which said “FOOLS, TURN AWAY LEST YOU SUFFER THE WRATH OF HARAGASH”. Undeterred, they moved forward through the familiar dungeon, which only altered in terms of what they encountered. This included animated statues that caused the party to weaken when hit by them, as well as a deadly group of harpies which the party took as pets after defeating them. As well as this, they also found a terrifying mosaic which told the story of Spell-edge so far, and furthermore predicted the deaths of the party. They also found a cabinet of mixed potions, which effects varied from tasting like strawberry to causing eternal bleedings, the ones the party hadn’t yet drunk proving to be useful later on. The final room of dungeon was the old teleporter room, and in there was a beautiful elven women armed with a longbow and small grey creatures known as Quicklings. She was manipulating the portal for her own device, although what exactly was unclear. The party quickly fought her and found out she was Haragash, and moreover that she was not in fact an elf but a creature known as a dusk-hag, a powerful monster from the Feywild which had prophetic abilities. After beating her, they found out she planned to open a portal to the Feywild in order to bolster her forces so that she could join with Zaggaroth, and that many monsters like her would be doing this to, believing in Zaggaroth’s ability to create a new world order. Before slaying her, she offered important words of prophecy to them: “It is no use slaying the Lord of Undeath if the living and the dead become one !” With that, she was killed and brought back because of Farfal’s servitude in death power, and the group then immediately forced her to teleport herself and some of the harpies back to Jaderstone for use later on, as an undead dusk-hag could be a useful tool. They then allowed the scepter of power to go into the centre of the teleporter circle, which caused it to flash many different colours before finally emanating a blue and red color. This would no doubt be the place they were looking for the phylactery, and as such as the entire party jumped in they felt the words “WORLD-EDGE” flash in their mind, knowing full-well they were now going to the most infamous and secret of all the elven covens, perhaps not only finding the phylactery to destroy but also some answers to certain questions which had been there from the very beginning of the campaign.

Chapter 5: A terrible secret
Moving through the ancient dungeon, they found themselves confronted by many ruined paths and hallways, all long-abandoned and greatly suffering from the effects of time. The party directly sensed a strong and highly powerful magical presence here, as well as a slight magical presence from the Elemental Chaos, although this was yet to be explained. They finally found a room filled with cobwebs after crawling through a naturally-formed tunnel, and surprisingly enough this room was filled with giant spiders, including the large and very deadly White-Thorn spiders, which were able to channel lighting attacks due to their exposure to magic over a period of time. The party managed to defeat their deadly foes, and then searched the room. As it so happened, this room was the last place in which Jaegar Grimmsword’s men had made their attack against the elven covens, and the room was filled with ancient skeletons clad in rusted armour and donning rusted weapons. Searching through the remains, they found some loot as well as a high important document which read:
Captain Jaegar Grimmsword,
Despite being well aware of your religious beliefs, we still need you to carry out the task. We have reports of what you and your followers have done, the drinking of blood from innocent peasants and the strange rites and rituals to the evil devil god. We simply do not care. Having spoken to my liege, we established that you must slaughter the elven covens, all 6 of them, to prevent any evil sorcerers like Vastormix rising again to such power. Leave none alive, bring back their magical artefacts and do what you will with the corpses, be it burning or sacrifice.
Lord Redgar Alain of Maplefield

With this bombshell, the party realized that the High Lord should perhaps not be trusted, and would prepare to overthrow him if needs be before the final battle with Zaggaroth. They kept the letter in order to garner supporters to their side, then pressed onward on their more important task: stopping Zaggaroth from ever rising again by destroying the phylactery…

Another great session, and this is essentially the penultimate adventure. After this, the party will be engaging in the fight they’ve been waiting for throughout the campaign, so as always stay tuned, and if your getting the same epic final-episodes feel we all are then you can only imagine what it’s actually like for the players of the game !
Until then, Happy Gaming !
-Mike, DM

Episode 26: The Siege of Courtbridge
Repelling the undead, one step at a time...

In this adventure, the party play out the the undead siege of Courtbridge led by Zane Bloodstrike, with climatic results.

Playing in this episode were:
-Mike (me), the evil dungeon master of the world Lorr
-John, playing Lord Farfal Kerreh, a chaotic good human cleric of Pelor
-Kyle, playing Kai Relin, a neutral human ranger
-Alistair, playing Sir Stelian Soul-eater, a neutral Vryloka Warlock Binder/Vampire Stalker

Chapter 1: First assault
Following from last time, there was an impending threat of an undead siege which the party had helped to prepare the defenses against, and were now prepared to defend against the undead on the front line. Attached to a 6 man squad, two particular people they got to know were Sgt.Baed, a hardhitting soldier used to fighting the undead, and Daglos Shield, a recently married and freshfaced recruit. The sky was now increasingly darkening, and the thickness of the white mist increased. It was on the 9th night of the declaration of war that the heroes heard the scrabbling of claws on hard stone, and to their horror a first wave of ravenous ghouls had climbed the west wall. The party and the squad fought off the group heroically with minimal casualties. It was then the mist disappeared, and revealed a large army of undead, with siege ladders, catapults and a huge bone tower, and they assaulted the west wall. The party were told by a messenger that they had to hold them off while the Courtbridge army dealt with undead resistance at the other gates. With that, the group prepared themselves for difficult encounters…

Chapter 2: Defense of the West-gate
The undead struck in waves, some of the monsters the party had to fight included frost zombies, wights and their hated tomb guardians, as well as a number of zombies and skeleton minions which acted as support and a nuisance. In addition, every turn a potential siege event could happen which could badly effect the party, including things like arrow storms, flame catapults and undead surges. The party dealt with them largely well, but the squad lost 2/3 of its men, only Daglos and Baed being left. It was then that the huge Boneskull siege tower crashed unto the wall, and began to spit out undead as well as slowly breaking the West-gate in with a swinging siege hammer made of bone built into the tower. As the party attacked it, they realized that it took damage and was effectively an undead creature. A successful arcana check then revealed that a magical force must of been sustaining it, and was separate from the rest of the energy that was keeping the undead army animated, so the party attributed it to Malidon Skull-Drain, the final necromancer of the cult. With this in mind, the party hacked away at the tower in one of the most tensest battles in the campaign, but finally managed to destroy it-one hit away before the gate collapsed. With that, waves of Courtbridge soldiers swarmed up the wall and took over from the heroes, and the heroes then returned to High Lord Alain to rest and prepare for their next task. While taking their daily rest, Sir Stelian Soul-eater embraced his true dark inner self, and changed from being a devoted warlock to a vampiric monster, largely due to the power he saw in Zane’s attacks from Valdevich many weeks ago.

Chapter 3: Zane’s reappearance
However, just as the party were convening with Alain, Zane landed down on his skelental bat (known as Vyshree) and doomed the party and the High Lord to death. The fight started and was highly intense, Zane not only substantially stronger than last time, but also the party wanted revenge for being beaten in the mansion in the Valdevich adventure. Zane, despite still being highly tough and causing masses of damage, finally had enough with toying with the heroes, and after they managed to kill Vyshree actually showed anger towards them, threatening to kill their Supreme High Lord if nothing else ! With that, he became mist and then floated towards Lordsbreach. Stelian also turned into mist now being a vampire and followed him, while Farfal and Kai left Alain to deal with defending the capital while they also pursued Zane but through the sewers.

Chapter 4: Zane’s revenge
However, the sewers had a surprise in store as Kai and Farfal run into none other than High Lord Zarkovich, who was trying to flee the capital. The two bullied and intimidated the traitor into coming with them, so he could be held responsible for his actions. Meanwhile, by the time Stelian reached Lordsbreach it was a terrible sight indeed. Most of the Supreme High Lord’s Royal Guard were dead, Drogen Steelblade himself having been decapitated. Zane was now locked on combat with the Supreme High Lord himself, who was still a worthy combatant be it aged and mortally wounded, but he was ultimately killed, a single flaming broadsword strike across the chest blazing him and throwing him into the pool. Then, using the power of an blood-red amulet, Zane summoned black balls of shadow energy and attacked Stelian. It was here where both Kai and Farfal arrived, and they too joined the fight, although not before they checked to see if the Supreme High Lord could be saved, which he could not be due to the effect of the poison, but then did warn them to look for his Codex in his quarters in order to find Zaggaroth’s phylactery before expiring, the next key step of defeating the Lich.
Zane now had more powers from the amulet, and with some successful checks the party realized that it was tied to both Zane’s life force and the undead army, and without destroying it he would be unbeatable. As such, the party aimed to destroy this amulet, and Zane showed physical anger and intense pain with each hit, and realized that it was time to flee. Just as he was to teleport away however, Farfal managed to grab unto him and as such was able to teleport with him. Zarkovich had accidentally been thrown into shadowfell ball, and infused with such energy began ran into the city screaming about his unbridled power. Kai and Stelian, praying that Farfal could end Zane and this siege, decided their efforts would now be best used to reinforce the Courtbridge army and perhaps try to find Zarkovich.

Chapter 5: Zane’s ruin
Farfal teleported to a place known as Blackfire mountain, which overlooked Courtbridge, and found Zane firing up one of the eldritich machines that the party had found in Valdevich. He explained that these could be used to rip open holes to the Shadowfell plane, in which undead and shadow energy would spill out from them, and thus would give the armies of undead the advantage. Regardless of this, Farfal was able to destroy the amulet, Zane finally dying and rather satisfyingly melting into a pool of bloodied goo, before passing a skill challenge to disable the machine. Due to the sheer power of the amulet, the undead army besieging Courtbridge also collapsed, and it marked the end of the attack. Farfal returned with the heroes, and the day was won ! However, it was not exactly the celebration the heroes expected, as the Supreme High Lord, the beloved if mysterious leader of Lorr, was dead, and as such a great funeral parade was organised among the people and guards of the capital. In addition, the city had suffered damage which may take years to recover, a great loss of life of both civilians and armed forces and finally it was clear that despite the victory, the undead threat was not over, but rather had just begun.

Chapter 6: Ah, so THATS who the torturer is !
Realizing this too, the party now has to act quickly and destroy Zaggaroth’s phylactery in order to stop him returning so that the final assault on the Black Pyramid really counted. As such, they found in the Supreme High Lord’s quarters a key that opens a vault which leads to the Codex itself, which in itself contains the location. The location of the vault was unknown, and as such Farfal suggested going to the library to find some potential clues. Farfal decided he would go there alone while Kai and Stelian went to the now reopened markets to buy items, and the party split there ways. When Farfal arrived there, he found a suspicious looking book which could give a possible clue to where the vault is. Suddenly, a half-elf sat adjacent from Farfal, and explained in an Australian accent that his name was Cryce Larker-The Torturer ! He told Farfal that he had been hired by Zaggaroth, and the deal was simple; give the Black Pyramid stone over and he could live, don’t hand it over and it would be taken from his corpse. When Farfal laughed at his attempts to threaten him, Cryce rebutted by showing him a bomb under the table they were sat at which would soon go off, leveling the whole building, and also that his entire family (Kayla, Layla and Daniel) were here to for whatever reason. As such, the threat suddenly became no longer a laughing matter…

And that’s where this episode ends ! With not many episodes left to go before the campaign finally ends, be prepared for story arcs to be tied up and characters to die in the next final episodes, as the story reaches it’s climax ! As you can tell, it sounds like it’s gonna get pretty damn awesome, so stay tuned !
Until then, Happy Gaming !
-Mike, DM

Episode 25: The Imperial War Museum
KOBOLDS ?!?!? AT LEVEL 11 ?!?!?

Our heroes now prepare themselves to travel to The Imperial War Museum, and take not only the gem to power Lichbane, but also take a number of magic items to aid them on their quest.

Playing in this episode were:
-Mike (me), the evil dungeon master of the world Lorr
-John, playing Lord Farfal Kerreh, a chaotic good human cleric of Pelor
-Kyle, playing Kai Relin, a neutral human ranger
-Alistair, playing Sir Stelian Soul-eater, a neutral Vryloka Warlock Binder

Chapter 1: Travelling to the Museum
Before meeting with Drogen, Farfal received a box which Strom had sent him before the war on Valdevich. The package contained Novak’s mask with blood on it, to show that he was in fact dead, presumably killed by Strom. The party’s hatred for him was driven further, and was a constant reminder of his actions against them and the fact he still had the Orb of the Far Realm with him. With this in mind, the party met Drogen Steelblade, who was an impressive hero indeed, especially being the Supreme High Lord’s champion. He explained to them that the vault was guarded by a complicated lock system, and only one person in the Empire could feasibly open it. Drogen took them to secret interrogation chamber where none other than Abos Garter, who was unwilling to help. However, the party managed to convince him to help them on the grounds that he would be pardoned of all his crimes against the Empire, which were many in number. The party along with Drogen and Abos travelled on the back of Akaroth, the Imperial War dragon, and it took them two weeks to arrive, stopping halfway through the week where Farfal received some words of wisdom from him. Finally, as the group came in site of the place, a great snow blizzard kicked up, and Drogen checked if the group had the dragon scent lotion applied to them to mask themselves from Brutalitax, the fearsome white dragon that guarded the place. It was then revealed that Abos had not done this, and a loud roar from amongst the blizzard confirmed this. Akaroth tried his best to slip away, but both he and Drogen fell foul of the monstrously large white dragon. The party feel off Akaroth, but managed to land safely and snuck there way into the museum to begin the task of plundering it.

Chapter 2: Divine guards
Upon entering the Imperial War museum, the party found themselves in awe of a large temple like area, with several shrines to different gods set into fonts. Suddenly, a group of Angels of Erathis appeared and attacked the party. Despite a few opening attacks, the angels were too strong for the group, and it was at this point that Farfal realized that they pacify them by making offerings to each of the gods in the fonts. After doing so, the angels ceased their assault, and the party was free to continue up the staircase.
The next room the heroes encountered was a large room split up into several squares, each of which with a different word and colour on them. This room was quickly solved by the party, and it was a basic puzzle in which each gods path was tailored to something different, be it the word or the square on the plate.
After this, the party came to a large intersection, in which a single door with a large hole in the center of it was positioned. Writing in deep speech to the side of the door revealed that the party had to get each of the 4 pieces of the elemental tablet, which were held in the lair of 4 elemental archons, earth, wind, fire and water respectively. The battles were tough, and the party struggled particularly on the fire archon, but otherwise they got all the pieces of the tablet and opened the door to continue their quest.

Chapter 3: Fight with the Kobolds
It was in this room that would hold the most surprises. It was a large stone square room, on one side was a giant circular door with many locks and mechanics visible-the vault containing the magic items the party dearly needed. They sent Abos to do his thing and as investigated the room, they suddenly heard a familiar drilling noise. Suddenly, 2 drilling machines burst out of the walls either side of the door, and groups of snarling kobolds piled out. These machines were like the one Klast Karracus had used a year ago, and made the party wonder greatly if there was a link. These kobolds were more savage and deadly than the ones they had encountered before, and were armed with deadly mortar weapons. However, as always, the party co-ordinated their attacks well and slew the creatures. With that, Abos opened the vault door, and the party entered.
To their surprise, a large hole had been blown in the far side of the room, and a patchwork airship drifted carefully along. Kobolds were many in number in the room, and were looting the magic items there. Standing near the airship, a large monstrosity constructed of flesh stood dumbly, half of its face clearly Brugs-the evil bugbear bodyguard of Klast Karracus the party slew a while ago. And to no surprise, inside a pouch on the mighty beast’s back was the infamous Kobold high priest himself. Metal plats may have been fused here and there, but he was alive. And as he delivered his opening monologue, he told them he was working with Malidon Skull-Drain (the last necromancer of the cult) to steal these items so the party could not have them, and also t rebuild the kobold empire. With this, the party charged foward, intent on slaying this villainous duo once and for all !

Chapter 4: The end of Klast Karracus
The party fought hard, and both Brug and Klast showed they were far more worthy adversaries than they had once been, dealing plenty of damage with each attack. In addition, the kobold javelin gun on the airship with them did not help at all, firing around 3 shots a turn and becoming a general nuisance. However, much to the party’s surprise Abos Garter had taken as much as he could handle, and run up to the ship, killed the crewman firing the javelin gun and then activated it and flew away, presumably back to the Empire. Ultimately, Brug was defeated due to his fear of fire (something which Kai Rellin’s bow provided nothing less) and fell at least 300ft to his death from fleeing from it. Similarly, Klast’s minions were quickly dispatched leaving only him, but he then, backed against the hole in the wall by the party revealed his secret weapon; he had planted bombs around the tower, and would explode, taking him and the party down with him. As he launched himself into a villainous monologue however, he failed to notice the large white dragon Brutalitax behind him, and with a final cry of “Oh SHIT !” was eaten and killed. The bombs went off and the place began to collapse, the party hauling themselves as fast as they could out of there, but not before grabbing all the magic items in there (including 4 more staffs of life and the gem required to activate the powers of Lichbane). To their surprise, Abos returned with the airship and save them from the collapsing museum. However, Brutalitax was on their tail, and managed to damage their airship, causing them to crash land in the Northlands.

Chapter 5: A startling threat…
Getting out of there ship, they found the near-death Akaroth, who had heroically fought Brutalitax off. They realized that by sacrificing a staff of life, they could bring him back from the brink, which they chose to do. It was then that Brutalitax appeared, and the party decided to make their stand. The battle was ferocious, the players causing literally rends of damage to the huge monster, but it’s toughness and size allowed it to take it before doing back just as much. Akaroth managed to recover near the end of the battle to provide some lightning attack damage, and ultimately Lord Kerreh himself dealt the finishing blow, the mighty white dragon crashing down into the ground and dying. The party felt proud for now having slain their second dragon in the campaign, and hopping on the back of Akaroth, along with Abos, took their two-week ride back to Courtbridge.
However, when they returned there all was not what it seemed. A black sky with red crackling lightning could be seen in the horizon, and to their surprise many of the milita and people from Valdevich were there, including Lord Albrecht himself, who told them what had happened. A huge undead army was invading the land of Lorr, and Valdevich had been completely destroyed. Shocked by this as they had only saved it from destruction by Strom about a month ago, they quickly went to the Supreme High Lord. However, it was found that he had been brought to near-death, poisoned by a deadly poison known as Necrolight (which the heroes bottled some of) and as such the task of leading a defence against this army had fallen to Alain and the other lords. The party helped them to plan their defence not just of Courtbridge (where the undead were headed next), but also of the rest of the Empire. The party moved the majority of their NPC friends to Jader-stone and Jingle-water in order to keep them safe from the siege and also to keep peace and order among the populaces there. Just as the party were assigned a squad of guards which were to hold the West-gate of the capital city, a shrill extremely high-pitched cry echoed across the sky, and a huge monstrous skelental-bat, dripping with black ooze hovered in the air. A red-armour clad vampire sat on it’s back-none other than Zane Bloodstrike, one of the party’s most hated foes. He declared that they were all to die at the hands of the undead, and it would be best to flee now. The party restored back at him to the cheers of the people, and Zane traded quips too before leaving, and at the same time ushering a grey thick mist around and within the capital. Suffice to say, the next adventure of the party was going to be not only tense, but highly important, as the very Empire itself could fall before the party were ready to take on Zaggaroth in his lair…

What a fun episode ! As always, we hoped you enjoyed this adventure report, and look forward to the next adventure which will obviously be a very important one for the whole campaign.
Until then Happy Gaming !
-Mike, DM

Episode 24: The Supreme High Lord
Ah, that makes sense now...

When we last left our heroes, they had saved Valdevich from the wrath of Strom, and had reconciled the two lords, who both swore allegiance to Lord Farfal. Just as this had ended, a unit of The Supreme High Lord’s Royal guard ordered the party to allow them to escort them to Courtbridge to speak with the leader of the Empire of Lorr itself. One of the most mysterious elements of the campaign was about to be revealed…

Playing in this episode were:
-Mike (me), the evil dungeon master of the world Lorr
-John, playing Farfal Soushard, a neutral Shade cleric of The Raven Queen
-Kyle, playing Kai Relin, a neutral human ranger
-Alistair, playing Sir Stelian Soul-eater, a neutral Vryloka Warlock Binder

Chapter 1: The beginning of the end
When the party arrived at Courtbridge, they were taken immediately to Courtbridge, in which they encountered Zarkovich, who surprisingly did not arrest them as he had threatened for breaking free Balrad due their backing from the Supreme High Lord. The party were then escorted to the very top of Lordsbreach, and were ushered into the Supreme High Lord’s quarters. To their surprise, his room was a simple one, with very humble objects. The Supreme High Lord himself was a extremely old, grey haired and thin human. His voice was aged and wise, and he first commended the heroes for their actions up to now, believing to be true shining paladins of justice. He then told them an ancient story-one which is well known to the world of Lorr, but shed new light upon it:

Centuries ago, the land of Lorr was not like it was today. It used to be a empire under siege, as a evil Lich king by the name of Vastormix the Black lord, used all the time, effort, and power he could muster into destroying all other creatures upon Lorr. Using large armies of undead, and powerful necromatic spells, he laid waste to many cities, killing thousands of people only to raise them again and have them fight under his undying control. Other creatures, such as foul orcs, goblins, gnolls, and evil villians attacked the empire en masse too, often making alliances with the Black Lord to insure their place in his new and terrifying world order. Despite the empire’s best efforts, their resistance was being crushed, and it seemed as though the Black lords’ banner would fly over every stronghold.

However, there was light in the darkness, as a party of adventurers presented themselves as saviours of the world. Andran Foeslayer, a strong and resilient fighter, often fought his way through much of the Black lord’s army. Loneth Darkshade, a silent and precise rogue, often disrupted many of the Dark armies evil plots by killing their leaders. Mallosar Spellbreaker, a wizard of infamous magical power, blasted away enemies and duelled evil magical-users. Ustrad Sunbrand, a devoted and determined cleric of Pelor, led this band of adventurers in their fight against the The Black lord. This party of legende travlled across the land instating Pelor’s religion and setting up the Wizard Covens, as well as beating back Vastormix’s rule.

Despite the heroes’ great powers, they could not stand against the army of the Lich lord alone, and although they fought truly and with great strength, the empire of Lorr was still slowly failing. As such, the armies of the empire led one last desperate charge against the force of the Black lord, and as grim soldiers fought unnatural foes, the party cut their way through the lich’s lair via teleportation into is using the pieces of the Black Pyramid, finally confronting The Black Lord face-to-face. The armies of good fought for as long as they could, and it payed off, as the army of undeath crumbled, and the armies which had sided with them fled. Within the lair, treachery took hold, as Mallosar Spellbreaker, who had long sought and achieved levels of great power, transformed into an all-powerful Lich before the heroes very eyes. He instantly slew Andran Foeslayer with one of the most powerful spells in existence. Loneth fled the lair, believing failure to be certain, leaving only Ustrad to duel with Mallosar. For many hours, the two fought a grim and long hard fight, the favors heavily in the Lich’s. Finally, Ustrad managed to bind the Lich with ancient chains of pure God light so powerful only the power of hell itself could unbind them, known as “The Chains of Eternity”. As Ustrad left the Pyramid, Mallosar swore that he would have his revenge, that the land of Lorr would belong to him, the Dark King, Zaggaroth the Dreaded.

Ustrad assumed a new identity in secret, and from this position of power he combated the Cult of Zaggaroth wherever it grew, and began to formulate a new plan to finally defeat the Lich King.

It was here the Supreme High Lord revealed that he was the famous Cleric Ustrad Sunbrand, and now that the Zaggaroth is free from The Chains of Eternity due to the event as Noscarta. With the help of the party as the Supreme High Lord’s heroes, they can put his plan into action and defeat the Lich King which threatens the Empire. Upon agreeing to this, the party will each be rewarded a gift-however, the Supreme High Lord warned them that previous villains they have encountered may join Zaggaroth and fight for him with his help. Despite this, the party saw no other option, and agreed to these terms. Accordingly, each of them were given a different reward. Kai Rellin was given an ancient artefact, the powerful Bow of the Elders, allowing him to use his incredbile marksmanship to true effect. Stelian was taught a powerful spell known as “The Lesser Chains of Eternity”, allowing him to bind his foes in strong chains of light. Finally, to Farfal Soulshard, he offered him the chance to become both a Cleric of Pelor and human once more, using the “The Glory-Ligh Occularis”, the ultimate shrine to Pelor on the mortal plane, located within the Supreme High Lord’s chambers. Farfal agreed, and through days of pain and anguish, was reborn as the stronger Farfal Kerahh.

With this done, the Supreme High Lord now told the party the first step of the plan they had to complete: Breaking into a place known as the Imperial War Museum. This place is home to not only the gem which will activate the power of Lich-Bane, a fundamental object to slaying Zaggaroth, but also to many other powerful magical items which will help the heroes succeed in their task. The Supreme High Lord warned them that the Museum was in a particularly harsh area of the Northlands, and was guarded by a gargantuan white dragon known as Brutalitax. As such, they should seek out the Supreme High Lords champion, Drogen Steelblade, and hitch a lift with him on the back of Akaroth, the Imperial dragon. Before they went on this task, the Supreme High Lord wished them good luck in their quest, and that despite these were going to be the most difficult challenges of their adventuring career with everything at stake if they failed, this was a quest only this party of heroes could succeed in…

And with that I leave you until the next adventure. Lorr is beginning to reach what is termed as “The End-Game” among D&D players, meaning that the next final episodes will be climatic and awesome, so with any luck your going to really enjoy what this campaign has in store.

Until then, Happy Gaming !
-Mike, DM

Episode 23: The War of Valdevich
Oh, that reminds me...

After being teleported to different places via the portals (Farfal was Courtbridge, Kai Rellin was Jinglewater and Stelian was the Deadlands. While at the Deadlands, Stelian found a group of tieflings from Valdevich burying something, but didn’t check it out. Also, Kai Rellin checked on the tower of the Leaflord and found it was being repaired, and all the NPC’s in there during the Black Pyramid ritual were fine. The party met up at Jader-stone, and evaluated the next best course of action to deal with a obvious Empire-threatening Lich king…

Playing in this episode were:
-Mike (me), the evil dungeon master of the world Lorr
-John, playing Farfal Soushard, a neutral Shade cleric of The Raven Queen
-Kyle, playing Kai Relin, a neutral human ranger
-Alistair, playing Sir Stelian Soul-eater, a neutral Vryloka Warlock Binder

Chapter 1: Prelude to conflict
Stelian began to trek back across the lands, and found himself confronted by what appeared to be a large war garrison outside of Valdevich, upon further investigation, he found it to be a combined Maplefield/Hellmoney Guard army led by Lord Greymoor… and Captain Rolstone Strom. Horrified by this shocking alliance, he rushed back to tell his friends of this discovery.
The party decided they would gather a council of their most trusted allies to talk about the oncoming Lich threat, but first Farfal got a dwarven patron of his town to tell him what was engraved in the sword-“Lich Bane”, which meant it was no doubt of some use to the party. Farfal also blamed Strom for the mass eldritch storm which had damaged Jader-stone, further deepening the people’s hatred of him. Farfal also met with Novak, who explained to him that his spy-ring was being “killed-off” and that he had found Balrad-in the hands of Courtbridge, under arrest and due to be executed. With this knowledge, Farfal thanked him and proceeded with the meeting. The meeting included NPC’s such as Captain Ludvig Rosewater, Abos Garter, Harg Farst, Cador Bayronx and others. A representative of High Lord Alain was also present, and this was when Farfal told all his trusted friends the news: Zaggaroth, a Lich King of immense power plans to destroy the Empire, and they must take some form of action if they hope to survive.
Stelian had not arrived at this point, and as he was nearing the meeting place, he stumbled into a serving boy, who dropped a vial of deadly poison. Rushing to the meeting, he burst in and warned his friends of the poison. Cador Baronx and Abos Garter suddenly began to choke, and Harg Farst had already died. Farfal and Kai Rellin quickly healed the group of their afflictions, and also resurrected Harg. With a few days of rest, they would all be fine. Upon interrogation of the serving boy, they found he had been bullied by Strom himself to assassinate the heroes, but was not told what they looked like. The party decided to let the boy go, and Stelian filled them in on what he found out. The party concluded they had one obvious intention-to destroy Valdevich, as Greymoor is infamous for hating Lord Albrecht. The representative of High lord Alain assured them he would send them back-up, but until then they were on their own. After finding out other pieces of information, the party decided to raise an army of Jingle-water/Jader-stone and send it to Maplefield (for Stelian had not told them where the army was really deployed, a mile or so off Valdevich) and the group then headed to Courtbridge to glean more information from Balrad Hellmoney himself.

Chapter 2: Racist intentions
Upon arriving at Courtbridge, the party went to the make-shift prison and found Balrad, surrounding by guards. He explained to them that Strom has most likely gone to Coin-Tyrant Hold, a place which Novak informed them of earlier, as it was one of the original bastions for the Hellmoney family-and contained some of the most deadly weapons, which Strom porbably was looking for. Deciding that Balrad could be of some use in taking down Strom, the heroes decided to speak to Zarkovich about possibly allowing him free, as well as getting the Courtbridge reinforcements now. Along they way, they encountered a middle-age woman, known as Olivia Strom-Strom’s mother. She told them that she knew what was happening, and to be fair to Strom, as he was attacked by a gang of tielfings after they murdered his father as a child. As such, he became some-what racist towards them. The party took no notice of her, but did glean that Strom was allying with Lord Greymoor simply to murder Lord Albrecht-who, being a racially proud tiefling, would be a true success for his racist ideals. With this in mind, the party pleaded Zarkovich for soldiers, who as always turned his nose down to them, and was highly inquisitive into their endeavour. He also would not allow Balrad free, promising the group he would strip Farfal of his lordship and have them tried for treason if they did. At was at this point, after much of the forces had mobilised to Maple-field, that he told the party and the High lord…
…that their enemy wasn’t there at all.
After some beating up by the party and Kai Rellins pet Pseudo-dragon Geoffrey, the party sent messages to mobilise the forces to the correct place, while Farfal and the group raided the prison, and freed Balrad, Graar (the half-orc bodyguard who almost killed Kai Rellin) and around 30 prisoners, all who promised to fight alongside the party for a chance to kill Strom. With that, the heroes sent the prisoners to bolster their forces upon arriving at Valdevich, and Farfal managed to persuade the drunken and hopless Albrecht that he needed to command his miltia army, which he rightfully did. Leaving Kai Rellin in charge of their forces, Farfal, Stelian, Graar, Bayronx and Balrad went to Coin-Tyrant Hold to catch and kill Strom before he could start the war.

Chapter 3: 20 Acid damage
Upon the group entering the hold, they found themselves attacked by a group of Rage-drakes and Hellmoney guards. After slaying them (bar the epic minion, a minion who could not be killed by either Balrad nor Baryonx, two powerful swordsmen) and burst into the next room, in which they had seen the back of Strom sitting in the chair. However, after knocking him down, they found he was not Strom at all, but an imposter. Suddenly, the two doors were shut down with iron plates, and the wall opened to reveal secret grates. The ceiling moved to reveal sheet of glass, and Strom appeared above them. In typical villainous fashion, he told the party that he had a ancient dwarven ballista armed with bolts similar to the bolt they used a long time ago to kill Baryonx, but on a larger more deadly scale. Also, he revealed to them he had used a magical item to steal their Orb of Far Realm Displacement so they could not escape. With that, virulent acid started to fill the room from the grates, and Strom left the heroes to their fate.
Meanwhile, Kai Rellin attempted to lead a group of archers through a forest to flank the enemy army, but found themselves stuck in a prolonged fire-fight with Hellmoney crossbow guards. In addition, Strom was soon to return, so if the party did not act quickly, the war could be over before it began.
Meanwhile, the heroes found themselves taking huge amounts of acid damage, and the trap difficult to escape-Graar himself died of it. However, thanks to Stelian’s shade twin of Strom and the troll which had been left to batter them at the same time, it was tricked into smashing the iron plate open, and after a short rest, the heroes rushed as fast as they could to the ballista watch-tower.

Chapter 4: Strom’s revenge
While Kai Rellin was still pinned down in the forest, the rest of the group arrived at the watch-tower. They found a group of elite mercenaries guarding it, and Farfal deciding they didn’t have the time for this, paid them a large sum to let them have it, which they duly did. With the deadly weapon in their possession, they started to aim it Strom’s/Greymoor’s army-which was now about to charge, Greymoor now dishing out threats and insults to Albrecht, who was sending them back just as well. The group realised that Greymoor can’t be this evil and foolish, and decided to diplomacy with him, explaining to him who Strom was, and that whatever he and Albrecht had fallen out over was not worth that. It was then revealed to them what their fight had been about, and why they had a deep set hatred of each other:
They believe that that the respective lord had cheated in a card game.
Despite the party’s shocked reactions, they convinced Greymoor it was not worth it-which he agreed with, but was then knocked to the ground by Strom, who was sick and tired of the heroes interfering with his plans, and as such led a assault on the watch-tower instead. His force came under attack from the armies of all 4 towns respectively, and the party fired the deadly bolts down onto the most elite soldiers of Strom’s army, but Strom still managed to reach them and engage in combat. They found him to be a skilled combatant, but with solid tactics and good teamwork, they managed to deal a lot of damage to him. As he tactically retreated, the now allied Lord Albrecht and Greymoor appeared, and ordered him to surrender or die at their hands. Without warning Strom pulled out his escape plan-the Orb of Far Realm Displacement. Farfal and Stelian tried to grab a hold of him, but failed, and Strom teleported away. Despite this, the Hellmoney army was finally destroyed for good, and the War of Valdevich was over.

Chapter 5: A royal Summon
After the battle, the party were rewarded by both Greymoor and Albrecht, who gave them both wealth and alliances. The party asked Balrad to come with them, but he wanted to go his separate way. Without warning, a group of horseman appeared-the Royal Supreme High Lord’s Elite guard, heavily steel plate-armoured bulky soldiers, with great yellow and red plumage and the proud symbol of Courtbridge displayed on their chest. They group told the party they were to be escorted to the capital on the summon of the Supreme High Lord himself. They also informed them that Balrad was pardoned of his crimes and they were too (for freeing the prisoners) due to their contribution. The party said their farewell to Balrad, who now decided he would re-build his fortune in legitimate manner, and rode on to Courtbridge-about to meet arguably the most mysterious character in the campaign since the very beginning…

You’ll have to find out next time who the Supreme High Lord is, and what the party still has to decided to do about the threat of Zaggaroth, whose power is ever-growing.

Until then, Happy Gaming !
-Mike, DM


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