Campaign Summary Part 1

What do the players think?

So there it is, the end of an era, the villain having been defeated and a new age of hope comes over the Empire of Lorr. But what do the players think? Lets find out!

Lord Farfal Kerreh/Soulshard (John):
What I loved most about the campaign of Lorr was the character development as we played through the plot. At first I’ll admit, I wasn’t into as much as I should have been in that I was distracted a lot, primarily because I was new to the game and so wasn’t fully “in it” yet. However, as the game went on I felt as though I got better, particularly in the role playing aspect. I don’t know how the other members of my party felt but I found myself naturally sliding into the leadership role within our group. This was likely due to the individuality of the character (albeit there was a particular player who made a habit of changing character a lot). Personally I enjoyed the campaign overall, the story line being particularly great and immersive, and impressive in it’s entirety although there could of been more in-depth focuses. Overall, I believe the campaign left nothing to be desired.

Stelian Souleater (Alistair):
I have very much enjoyed playing this campaign. You may have seen Kyle’s comments, but I had no such doubts. I played the starter session euthusiastically, and as such came to expect more great things from this DM. I especially enjoyed the Spell-Edge adventures and hanging out in Jinglewater. My only problems were thinking of things for my character to say, and finding a character build that I could enjoy to the fullest. I too am looking forward to the next campaign, where I believed those two issues may be sorted by becoming an assassin.

Kai Rellin (Kyle):
During the campaign i was hesitant at first, primarily from the change in editions and the thought of an inexperienced DM. I am glad that I did join however, because as we were going through Mike got much more experienced and learnt more about how to do this. There have been many moments I enjoyed, The betrayal, the saving of Baryonx, The Gnoll King, Jaderstone/reach political rivarly, The whole Northland adventure, Abanzar, Kyazonihica (Kya) Rellin debacle, Geoffrey (<3)>ll chalk that to inexperience and they are minor concerns that do not effect the game greatly. I have enjoyed playing this iteration of Kai Rellin, he has been fun to RP with the guys. The campaign was a bit lacking on the RP perspective but it has become a lot better nearing the finale. I feel like the other players have enjoyed it as much as I have, if not more. But now the campaign is finished, fading into the Lore of the realm, I am waiting to see the next campaign eagerly.

And there you have it! 3 satisfied players. In the final post of the campaign, the DM will voice his opinions on the campaigns and what he learnt. Until then, Happy Gaming! -Mike, DM



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