Campaign Summary Part 2

What does the DM think?

Well, here we are. For a year and a half we have played this D&D campaign, the very first one I have ever run. We’ve fought fantastic battles, waxed diplomacy, seen friends and foes die and ultimately rolled a lot of dice, with both high and low rolls. In the end, despite the raw power of the evil Lich Zaggaroth, the players managed to slay him and stop his plans, and now need lead Lorr into a new world of two peaceful empires.

The biggest lesson I took away was the learning curve of pretty much everything, from newbie DM to “DM with one campaign under his belt, who now wants to run more”. A lot of things transpired when I was telling the story of Lorr, and honestly some of it worked, and other bits not as well. However, through the gradual process of campaign forging, now every other campaign I run will be succinct and professional from the start, rather than doing that halfway in with this campaign. However, Lorr will always have a fond memory as the first successful campaign I have ever run, and having lovable characters such as Ambrose Melachor, Gaius Rodgar and of course, Cador Bayronx. This perhaps pertinently shows another lesson: expect the players to add interesting choices that affect the story, and work with them. Initially, Bayronx was simply a lvl 4 boss, a one-shot adventure villain that once the players defeated would never be seen again. However, they spared him and befriended him, and he soon became their closest and most important ally, adding his own tragic tale in with their own, and ultimately redeeming himself in the end. Such unexpected decisions add an entirely different element to the game, and to be honest, Bayronx now the Lord of Jader-stone with a bright future ahead is much more satisfying then any brutal way they could of slew him in the tower. If any DM’s read this, these really are the two key lessons to take away.

I want to thank everyone who kept up to date with our posts and followed the story to its brilliant conclusion, especially the Canadian gaming group of Elliot Lake who emailed in often. We really appreciate the support guys, and I hope your campaign goes just as well as ours, which sounds like it will because the last email you sent had the players fighting against a necromancer riding a black dragon! I want to thank the players who made the game so enjoyable and fun, as well as working with me despite the fact that I was new and made mistakes every now and again, and finally thanks to Wizards of the Coast for carrying on what in my opinion is the best game on the planet. Hopefully I will be starting a new campaign soon, and I’m sure if not the next one a story of dungeons and dragons will be uploaded onto Obsidian Portal in the near future.
Until then, Happy Gaming!
-Mike, DM



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