Episode 12: Saving Jader-reach

And bring your lack THEREOF !!!

Once again, the party set off for adventure in loot in the expansive and engaging world of Lorr.

Playing in this episode were:
-Mike (me), the evil dungeon master of the world Lorr
-John, playing Farfal Soushard, a Chaotic good Shade cleric of The Raven Queen
-Alistair, playing Aerich Shadowfire, a Lawful good Eladrin (now revenant) Wizard
-Kyle, playing Kai Relin, a neutral human ranger

Chapter 1: Curious and curioser…
As the party headed towards Jader-reach, they saw smoke from West-holt, one of the 5 towns within its protection. When they got there, they found it was ruined. Houses had been smashed and burned to the ground, and the bodies of dead Jader-reach civillians were lying everywhere. There was no signs of any alive or dead attackers, save for barbaric equipment belonging to a small creature. They then checked the nearby town of Loch-way (holding so many prison-related memories for them) but found, it too, had been razed to the ground by some kind of raiding force. Worried, the players headed back to Maple-field to inform Lord Grey-moor.

Chapter 2: Getting an idea
Once there, Aerich received a knight-hood from Lord Grey-moor, now an official knight of Maple-field. The party informed him of this, and he advised them to search Jader-reach itself and Orhaven, the largest town. Also, if they could, to try find the temporary acting lord of Jader-reach, a human man called Weston Halfaris. They asked if he could spare some men, but he could not-due to the fact that his army were depleted still from the battle with Baryonx and the people were beginning to get restless. The heroes headed to Orhaven first, and found that they had a large creature with them which could melt wooden, presumably with some kind of acid. Also, Kai Rellin rolled a critical success in searching the town, and found that although the raiders had covered their tracks well, they had missed something-the body of a dead kobold which had rolled down a grassy bank. Farful suspected that Klast was somehow involved, and the large creature terrorising the town was a dragon. Regardless of this, they then went to Jader-reach, which was still standing, but all finery was stripped from it, inside and outside. At the top floor, they found a terrified one-armed old guardsmen of Jader-reach called Gaius Rodgar, who told the player what happened. A large group of Kobold and a fierce flying monster had attacked all the towns, taking survivors to the disused barracks on a hillcrest nearby. The player thanked Gaius for his help, and took the scared guard to Maple-field, before instructing him to go to Maple-field. The party then headed to the old barracks to free the people from kobold tyranny.

Chapter 3: BRUG SMASHED !!!
The party snuck up the hill, but were soon seen and got into a fight with a group of kobolds. Throwing caution to the wind, they all out charged the fortress, and carved their way through any kobolds who stood in their way. After a bit of poking around, they found out that their was actually a massive amount of resources underneath the barracks, including iron, copper and gold. When they turned the next corner, they found a large mine with about 200 people under guard by kobolds toiling in it-the people of Jader-reach. There also, was a familiar bugbear-Brug ! As the party attempted to sneak into position, Aerich failed his stealth and the party was seen-so as such, they thought to hell with it, and met Brug and the kobolds in combat. After a intense fight (where the party was knocked down many times) they finally managed to slay all of the kobolds and Brug (via bringing him back as undead bugbear friend) and healed themselves. They then immediatly set about freeing the people in the mine by tossing down ropes.

Chapter 4: The fight with Andraskar
However, even as they did so, the corpse of a limbless body hit Farful, and with horror, the party relized it was Weston Halfaris, the late lord of Jader-reach. From the sky, a deadly menacing green dragon known as Andraskar, about the size of a small house, landed by them. Upon his back was the parties sworn enemy, Klast Karracus, who blasted undead Brugs head off with a mighty blast of magic power. With a roll for initiative, the party let lose on the dragon, with a flurry of attacks. Farfal remembered that green dragons have poison breath, which was good considering they all had an amulet of health. However, despite the parties best efforts, Andraskar was a terrible foe. He severely beat the party down multiple times, and let them have no mercy with his draconian power. During the fight, Klast was knocked in the pit of people, who began to beat him, but not hard enough. Then, the party took a turn for the worse. As Farfal and Kai Rellin tried their hardest to slay the beats with very few HP between them, Aerich (who was bleeding out) rolled his third strike on death saving and died. However, this was not the end, as a female deity instructed him he had a greater purpose. Like a hero in the party hour of need, Aerich rose again-this time as a revenant. The party, confused but renewed at seeing their friend alive (undead?) fought on, and Kai Rellin delivered a finishing blow, slicing the dragons jugular vein, killing it. Andraskar was dead, and at level 7, the party had finally succeeded in slaying their first dragon. Klast, bruised but alive, climbed out of the pit. Upon seeing his dragon slain, he screamed angrily at them, and grabbing Brug’s head, ran away to his escape craft-a kobold hot air balloon. As he cursed at them, the party combined their firepower to shot the balloon down, which crashed into the hillside, the ensuing explosion killing Klast. Another enemy was down.

Chapter 5: A new (rich foe)
After Farfal explained what had happened to Aerich, the party rescued the people, and took them back to Jader-reach, upon which they found 3 horseman there-High Lord Jorgan Arcarnate, a highly-respected man with a deep interest of magic, Logan Hellmoney, a rich and rather vain nobleman, and their dear friend Lord Greymoor, who had been filling them in on what had happened. The party explained how they saved the people, and Farfal told High lord Arcarnate his interest in becoming the lord of Jader-reach. Logan himself refuted Fafal, claiming that he was better for the job and a nobleman, and thoroughly insulted the whole party. He and Farfal traded insults, and it almost came to violence, but the High lord calmed the pair, and suggested a compromise. Farfal would act as lord for a week at Jader-reach due to his and his friends saving of the town, and they would then appear in front of the other 3 High lords to decided whether he or Logan Hellmoney would be standing lord. With one final insult between the two traded about the lacking of friends, Hellmoney rode away, and Farfal had now made a much more personal foe…

Well, what a great adventure ! The party has finally now slain a dragon, and next time we will see how the party fares at trying to acquire Lordship !
Until then, Happy gaming !
-Mike, DM


Several small battles, Me flying through the air into boxes from a wild swing from an enraged bugbear that I taunted, before standing up and charging back in!
After this lengthy battle there was no pause with a corpse thrown in and a dragon attack, several minuites in my ally Aerich did something foolish and got mauled despite my warnings I yelled, I thought he was dead, but after more fighting with this dragon he stood up, I couldn’t see him properly, but I yelled at him to help. After a few minuites more of fighting, although it felt like hours against that beast, we managed to take it down, with me finishing it with my sword, I’ve been using that alot more lately but my bow was required when the Kobold leader decided to escape, with me, the now strange looking Aerich and of course Farfal all shot at the the escaping Kobold in a ballon, peircing it and making him crash into ground.
Well anyway were moving again, better end this page.
-From the personal journal of Kai Relin.

Episode 12: Saving Jader-reach

Me (Farfal): Well Hellmoney… it appears we have a stand off. MWAHAHAHAHA!

Episode 12: Saving Jader-reach

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