Episode 24: The Supreme High Lord

Ah, that makes sense now...

When we last left our heroes, they had saved Valdevich from the wrath of Strom, and had reconciled the two lords, who both swore allegiance to Lord Farfal. Just as this had ended, a unit of The Supreme High Lord’s Royal guard ordered the party to allow them to escort them to Courtbridge to speak with the leader of the Empire of Lorr itself. One of the most mysterious elements of the campaign was about to be revealed…

Playing in this episode were:
-Mike (me), the evil dungeon master of the world Lorr
-John, playing Farfal Soushard, a neutral Shade cleric of The Raven Queen
-Kyle, playing Kai Relin, a neutral human ranger
-Alistair, playing Sir Stelian Soul-eater, a neutral Vryloka Warlock Binder

Chapter 1: The beginning of the end
When the party arrived at Courtbridge, they were taken immediately to Courtbridge, in which they encountered Zarkovich, who surprisingly did not arrest them as he had threatened for breaking free Balrad due their backing from the Supreme High Lord. The party were then escorted to the very top of Lordsbreach, and were ushered into the Supreme High Lord’s quarters. To their surprise, his room was a simple one, with very humble objects. The Supreme High Lord himself was a extremely old, grey haired and thin human. His voice was aged and wise, and he first commended the heroes for their actions up to now, believing to be true shining paladins of justice. He then told them an ancient story-one which is well known to the world of Lorr, but shed new light upon it:

Centuries ago, the land of Lorr was not like it was today. It used to be a empire under siege, as a evil Lich king by the name of Vastormix the Black lord, used all the time, effort, and power he could muster into destroying all other creatures upon Lorr. Using large armies of undead, and powerful necromatic spells, he laid waste to many cities, killing thousands of people only to raise them again and have them fight under his undying control. Other creatures, such as foul orcs, goblins, gnolls, and evil villians attacked the empire en masse too, often making alliances with the Black Lord to insure their place in his new and terrifying world order. Despite the empire’s best efforts, their resistance was being crushed, and it seemed as though the Black lords’ banner would fly over every stronghold.

However, there was light in the darkness, as a party of adventurers presented themselves as saviours of the world. Andran Foeslayer, a strong and resilient fighter, often fought his way through much of the Black lord’s army. Loneth Darkshade, a silent and precise rogue, often disrupted many of the Dark armies evil plots by killing their leaders. Mallosar Spellbreaker, a wizard of infamous magical power, blasted away enemies and duelled evil magical-users. Ustrad Sunbrand, a devoted and determined cleric of Pelor, led this band of adventurers in their fight against the The Black lord. This party of legende travlled across the land instating Pelor’s religion and setting up the Wizard Covens, as well as beating back Vastormix’s rule.

Despite the heroes’ great powers, they could not stand against the army of the Lich lord alone, and although they fought truly and with great strength, the empire of Lorr was still slowly failing. As such, the armies of the empire led one last desperate charge against the force of the Black lord, and as grim soldiers fought unnatural foes, the party cut their way through the lich’s lair via teleportation into is using the pieces of the Black Pyramid, finally confronting The Black Lord face-to-face. The armies of good fought for as long as they could, and it payed off, as the army of undeath crumbled, and the armies which had sided with them fled. Within the lair, treachery took hold, as Mallosar Spellbreaker, who had long sought and achieved levels of great power, transformed into an all-powerful Lich before the heroes very eyes. He instantly slew Andran Foeslayer with one of the most powerful spells in existence. Loneth fled the lair, believing failure to be certain, leaving only Ustrad to duel with Mallosar. For many hours, the two fought a grim and long hard fight, the favors heavily in the Lich’s. Finally, Ustrad managed to bind the Lich with ancient chains of pure God light so powerful only the power of hell itself could unbind them, known as “The Chains of Eternity”. As Ustrad left the Pyramid, Mallosar swore that he would have his revenge, that the land of Lorr would belong to him, the Dark King, Zaggaroth the Dreaded.

Ustrad assumed a new identity in secret, and from this position of power he combated the Cult of Zaggaroth wherever it grew, and began to formulate a new plan to finally defeat the Lich King.

It was here the Supreme High Lord revealed that he was the famous Cleric Ustrad Sunbrand, and now that the Zaggaroth is free from The Chains of Eternity due to the event as Noscarta. With the help of the party as the Supreme High Lord’s heroes, they can put his plan into action and defeat the Lich King which threatens the Empire. Upon agreeing to this, the party will each be rewarded a gift-however, the Supreme High Lord warned them that previous villains they have encountered may join Zaggaroth and fight for him with his help. Despite this, the party saw no other option, and agreed to these terms. Accordingly, each of them were given a different reward. Kai Rellin was given an ancient artefact, the powerful Bow of the Elders, allowing him to use his incredbile marksmanship to true effect. Stelian was taught a powerful spell known as “The Lesser Chains of Eternity”, allowing him to bind his foes in strong chains of light. Finally, to Farfal Soulshard, he offered him the chance to become both a Cleric of Pelor and human once more, using the “The Glory-Ligh Occularis”, the ultimate shrine to Pelor on the mortal plane, located within the Supreme High Lord’s chambers. Farfal agreed, and through days of pain and anguish, was reborn as the stronger Farfal Kerahh.

With this done, the Supreme High Lord now told the party the first step of the plan they had to complete: Breaking into a place known as the Imperial War Museum. This place is home to not only the gem which will activate the power of Lich-Bane, a fundamental object to slaying Zaggaroth, but also to many other powerful magical items which will help the heroes succeed in their task. The Supreme High Lord warned them that the Museum was in a particularly harsh area of the Northlands, and was guarded by a gargantuan white dragon known as Brutalitax. As such, they should seek out the Supreme High Lords champion, Drogen Steelblade, and hitch a lift with him on the back of Akaroth, the Imperial dragon. Before they went on this task, the Supreme High Lord wished them good luck in their quest, and that despite these were going to be the most difficult challenges of their adventuring career with everything at stake if they failed, this was a quest only this party of heroes could succeed in…

And with that I leave you until the next adventure. Lorr is beginning to reach what is termed as “The End-Game” among D&D players, meaning that the next final episodes will be climatic and awesome, so with any luck your going to really enjoy what this campaign has in store.

Until then, Happy Gaming !
-Mike, DM



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