Episode 25: The Imperial War Museum

KOBOLDS ?!?!? AT LEVEL 11 ?!?!?

Our heroes now prepare themselves to travel to The Imperial War Museum, and take not only the gem to power Lichbane, but also take a number of magic items to aid them on their quest.

Playing in this episode were:
-Mike (me), the evil dungeon master of the world Lorr
-John, playing Lord Farfal Kerreh, a chaotic good human cleric of Pelor
-Kyle, playing Kai Relin, a neutral human ranger
-Alistair, playing Sir Stelian Soul-eater, a neutral Vryloka Warlock Binder

Chapter 1: Travelling to the Museum
Before meeting with Drogen, Farfal received a box which Strom had sent him before the war on Valdevich. The package contained Novak’s mask with blood on it, to show that he was in fact dead, presumably killed by Strom. The party’s hatred for him was driven further, and was a constant reminder of his actions against them and the fact he still had the Orb of the Far Realm with him. With this in mind, the party met Drogen Steelblade, who was an impressive hero indeed, especially being the Supreme High Lord’s champion. He explained to them that the vault was guarded by a complicated lock system, and only one person in the Empire could feasibly open it. Drogen took them to secret interrogation chamber where none other than Abos Garter, who was unwilling to help. However, the party managed to convince him to help them on the grounds that he would be pardoned of all his crimes against the Empire, which were many in number. The party along with Drogen and Abos travelled on the back of Akaroth, the Imperial War dragon, and it took them two weeks to arrive, stopping halfway through the week where Farfal received some words of wisdom from him. Finally, as the group came in site of the place, a great snow blizzard kicked up, and Drogen checked if the group had the dragon scent lotion applied to them to mask themselves from Brutalitax, the fearsome white dragon that guarded the place. It was then revealed that Abos had not done this, and a loud roar from amongst the blizzard confirmed this. Akaroth tried his best to slip away, but both he and Drogen fell foul of the monstrously large white dragon. The party feel off Akaroth, but managed to land safely and snuck there way into the museum to begin the task of plundering it.

Chapter 2: Divine guards
Upon entering the Imperial War museum, the party found themselves in awe of a large temple like area, with several shrines to different gods set into fonts. Suddenly, a group of Angels of Erathis appeared and attacked the party. Despite a few opening attacks, the angels were too strong for the group, and it was at this point that Farfal realized that they pacify them by making offerings to each of the gods in the fonts. After doing so, the angels ceased their assault, and the party was free to continue up the staircase.
The next room the heroes encountered was a large room split up into several squares, each of which with a different word and colour on them. This room was quickly solved by the party, and it was a basic puzzle in which each gods path was tailored to something different, be it the word or the square on the plate.
After this, the party came to a large intersection, in which a single door with a large hole in the center of it was positioned. Writing in deep speech to the side of the door revealed that the party had to get each of the 4 pieces of the elemental tablet, which were held in the lair of 4 elemental archons, earth, wind, fire and water respectively. The battles were tough, and the party struggled particularly on the fire archon, but otherwise they got all the pieces of the tablet and opened the door to continue their quest.

Chapter 3: Fight with the Kobolds
It was in this room that would hold the most surprises. It was a large stone square room, on one side was a giant circular door with many locks and mechanics visible-the vault containing the magic items the party dearly needed. They sent Abos to do his thing and as investigated the room, they suddenly heard a familiar drilling noise. Suddenly, 2 drilling machines burst out of the walls either side of the door, and groups of snarling kobolds piled out. These machines were like the one Klast Karracus had used a year ago, and made the party wonder greatly if there was a link. These kobolds were more savage and deadly than the ones they had encountered before, and were armed with deadly mortar weapons. However, as always, the party co-ordinated their attacks well and slew the creatures. With that, Abos opened the vault door, and the party entered.
To their surprise, a large hole had been blown in the far side of the room, and a patchwork airship drifted carefully along. Kobolds were many in number in the room, and were looting the magic items there. Standing near the airship, a large monstrosity constructed of flesh stood dumbly, half of its face clearly Brugs-the evil bugbear bodyguard of Klast Karracus the party slew a while ago. And to no surprise, inside a pouch on the mighty beast’s back was the infamous Kobold high priest himself. Metal plats may have been fused here and there, but he was alive. And as he delivered his opening monologue, he told them he was working with Malidon Skull-Drain (the last necromancer of the cult) to steal these items so the party could not have them, and also t rebuild the kobold empire. With this, the party charged foward, intent on slaying this villainous duo once and for all !

Chapter 4: The end of Klast Karracus
The party fought hard, and both Brug and Klast showed they were far more worthy adversaries than they had once been, dealing plenty of damage with each attack. In addition, the kobold javelin gun on the airship with them did not help at all, firing around 3 shots a turn and becoming a general nuisance. However, much to the party’s surprise Abos Garter had taken as much as he could handle, and run up to the ship, killed the crewman firing the javelin gun and then activated it and flew away, presumably back to the Empire. Ultimately, Brug was defeated due to his fear of fire (something which Kai Rellin’s bow provided nothing less) and fell at least 300ft to his death from fleeing from it. Similarly, Klast’s minions were quickly dispatched leaving only him, but he then, backed against the hole in the wall by the party revealed his secret weapon; he had planted bombs around the tower, and would explode, taking him and the party down with him. As he launched himself into a villainous monologue however, he failed to notice the large white dragon Brutalitax behind him, and with a final cry of “Oh SHIT !” was eaten and killed. The bombs went off and the place began to collapse, the party hauling themselves as fast as they could out of there, but not before grabbing all the magic items in there (including 4 more staffs of life and the gem required to activate the powers of Lichbane). To their surprise, Abos returned with the airship and save them from the collapsing museum. However, Brutalitax was on their tail, and managed to damage their airship, causing them to crash land in the Northlands.

Chapter 5: A startling threat…
Getting out of there ship, they found the near-death Akaroth, who had heroically fought Brutalitax off. They realized that by sacrificing a staff of life, they could bring him back from the brink, which they chose to do. It was then that Brutalitax appeared, and the party decided to make their stand. The battle was ferocious, the players causing literally rends of damage to the huge monster, but it’s toughness and size allowed it to take it before doing back just as much. Akaroth managed to recover near the end of the battle to provide some lightning attack damage, and ultimately Lord Kerreh himself dealt the finishing blow, the mighty white dragon crashing down into the ground and dying. The party felt proud for now having slain their second dragon in the campaign, and hopping on the back of Akaroth, along with Abos, took their two-week ride back to Courtbridge.
However, when they returned there all was not what it seemed. A black sky with red crackling lightning could be seen in the horizon, and to their surprise many of the milita and people from Valdevich were there, including Lord Albrecht himself, who told them what had happened. A huge undead army was invading the land of Lorr, and Valdevich had been completely destroyed. Shocked by this as they had only saved it from destruction by Strom about a month ago, they quickly went to the Supreme High Lord. However, it was found that he had been brought to near-death, poisoned by a deadly poison known as Necrolight (which the heroes bottled some of) and as such the task of leading a defence against this army had fallen to Alain and the other lords. The party helped them to plan their defence not just of Courtbridge (where the undead were headed next), but also of the rest of the Empire. The party moved the majority of their NPC friends to Jader-stone and Jingle-water in order to keep them safe from the siege and also to keep peace and order among the populaces there. Just as the party were assigned a squad of guards which were to hold the West-gate of the capital city, a shrill extremely high-pitched cry echoed across the sky, and a huge monstrous skelental-bat, dripping with black ooze hovered in the air. A red-armour clad vampire sat on it’s back-none other than Zane Bloodstrike, one of the party’s most hated foes. He declared that they were all to die at the hands of the undead, and it would be best to flee now. The party restored back at him to the cheers of the people, and Zane traded quips too before leaving, and at the same time ushering a grey thick mist around and within the capital. Suffice to say, the next adventure of the party was going to be not only tense, but highly important, as the very Empire itself could fall before the party were ready to take on Zaggaroth in his lair…

What a fun episode ! As always, we hoped you enjoyed this adventure report, and look forward to the next adventure which will obviously be a very important one for the whole campaign.
Until then Happy Gaming !
-Mike, DM


John, playing Farfal Soushard, a neutral Shade cleric of The Raven Queen-
Didn’t he become human?


Just to warn you, its never a good idea to fall behind, because it is very difficult to catch up again. Not that I’m pressuring you or anything, just if you want to continue with this, it would be a good idea to keep up with it.


Alistair my friend, i am a couple of chapters behind where i need to be-the siege is going to be uploaded as one when it is finished. So relax pal, DM Mike is on it ! ;)


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