Episode 30: The Epilogue

Ending the story of three legendary heroes...

And with this, a new era of peace and prosperity begins in Lorr. Under The 2nd Most Noble Supreme High Lord Farfal Kerreh , new towns and infrastructure is set up across the rich new lands of the Empire. Damage done from the 2nd Great Lich War is rebuilt, but is never forgotten, the ruins of the Black Pyramid serving as a constant reminder of the sacrifices of many noble men and women made in order to ensure a peaceful world. Business booms quickly, Hellmoney Industries Ltd producing a number of important products as well as a large networks of bakeries established across the Empire on Supreme High Lord Kerreh’s orders.

In addition, many of the party’s allies fit themselves into key new roles within the world. Cador Bayronx, perhaps the party’s greatest friend becomes the Lord of Jader-stone, and despite his terrible and sordid past with it, he becomes a well-loved leader as he treats his people very kindly and fairly. Loneth Darkshade becomes Lord of Jingle-water as well as a personal confidant to Supreme High Lord Farfal, now preferring to be called Novak Darkshade in trying to focus on a better future rather than his haunted past. Arnlock, the simple wood-cutter ally who saved the party in their most dire hour, becomes the Lord of the Oakenbold forest, a very large and expansive area of land which covers many different settlements of people, and as such he holds a lot of responsibility, which he handles extremely well. Four High Lords lead the way for the thirteen other new lordships that have since been granted in the time of Lorr’s expansion, in what is known as the Badass Council of Lordry (Greymoor named it). These High Lords include Redgar Alain, Johnathan Hague, Ambrose Melachor and Emilia Pax. Ambrose Melachor uses his position to begin to rebuild the disbanded elven covens all across the lands and make them a part of the Empire, whereas Emilia Pax’s position makes her the first ever High Lady, and challenges some male-female conceptions of rank across the land. Daglos Shield becomes a high-ranking captain within the hierarchy, and Gaius Rodgar still remains chief adviser to the now supreme leader of the huge land. Jarn was offered the position of the Supreme High Lord’s champion, but refused it as it was simply not in his nature, and now commands a group of highly-trained mercenaries who work for the Empire known as The Fire Scales. Finally, the most beloved of all barkeeps in the land, Jacob Jackson (JJ) is highly successful after the 2nd Great Lich War, building the world’s largest tavern, The Drunken Hague, in Courtbridge. Both noble and commoner alike drink together their, and it promotes new harmony and tolerance amongst the people for one another.

Meanwhile, many hundreds of miles away in the frozen Northlands, the Rellin family is very strong and prosperous in the Capital of Darkwall. Since the defeat of Zaggaroth, the winters are less cruel and so farming becomes substantially more successful in the cold region. The population expands massively, and the Black Rangers number increase too, and are rebuilt to their former strength. Several of the townsteads which fell during the dark times are slowly being reclaimed and rebuilt, and things are looking up for these people’s bleak existences. Alex Rellin is the Castellan of the lands, and subsequently is married and produces two male heirs for the family to rule generations onwards. Gwen initially found it difficult to settle into the ways of life at the Northlands, but she slowly found her calling in running a orphanage for parentless children, an unexpected result if there ever was one but chiefly marks a new age where the Empire of the Northlands, while retaining its proud and separate history to the Empire of Lorr, will catch up to some extent in terms of public initiatives. Kai Rellin acts as chief advisor to Alex as well as father-figure to all within the family, and is often seen as the glue which holds them together from time-to-time. He cannot be happier, his family finally together in its entirety and his true home rebuilt and to last for many ages. The two Empires maintain a very good relationship with one another, and Kai often comes to visit the Supreme High Lord to share old stories as well as a drink or two.

As for the Stelian Soul-eater, his fate remains largely a mystery to the Empire of Lorr. Many Imperial spies often report seeing him, but these leads turn cold when they are followed further. Some say he is in the Astral Sea itself and has become an angel of Pelor. Others argue he never really left Lorr, and often performs many heroic acts whenever he comes across people in trouble. Mostly people believe that he is doing exactly what the Supreme High Lord said he was doing, fighting horrific foes on other shattered worlds, stopping villains whose impact upon the very planes itself could be devastating, and that he will return at a time when Lorr truly needs him, if that ever is the case.

And so this ends the tale of the Empire of Lorr, and how it was pulled back from the brink of destruction at the hands of an ancient and powerful foe from a dedicated, courageous and definitely lucky group of heroic adventurers. However, despite the peace brought to the new land through the work of others, this is not to say the place is entirely peaceful. Even now, villains plot to bring ruin to the Empire and all its denizens, be it for the reasons of hatred, greed or power, and be it through the stroke of a pen or the lunge of the blade. They exist, and very soon they will enact their evil plans and schemes and many innocents will suffer. Nonetheless, it is fair to say that the main threat which has plagued the Empire will never rise again, and that any new threats which appear to ruin this most noble land will be met with well-prepared and strong retaliation. This is no longer a time OF heroes, but now it is a time RULED BY heroes, and this key difference will defeat the evil forces of the world for years and years to come. THE END.



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