Episode 2: The rescue
Oh a Wight !

Now it was time for the second episode of the Lorr campaign. Playing in this episode were:
-Mike (me), the evil dungeon master of the world Lorr
-John, playing Khesdra Avaius, a neutral elven druid of spring
-Alistair, playing Halmar Antherson, a lawful good drow rogue
-Kyle, playing Kai Relin, a neutral human ranger

Chapter 1: Return to Jinglewater
As the players left spell-edge, they found themselves surrounded by a group of soldiers. They ordered the heroes to give up their magic items for Lord Baryonx of Jader-reach. Unsure of who this was, the party refused. They then fought and won against the soldiers, and continued to Jinglewater. They then met back up with Ambrose Melachor and he paid them for the magic items they had reclaimed.

Chapter 2: A rescue mission
After a few hours of shopping, the heroes were approached by a halfling merchant called Errich Seagar. He asked the heroes if they could find his son, Reed, who was abducted recently. Despite being known for being untrustworthy, the heroes agreed to do it. He immediately pointed them in the direction of Aros Garter, a famous human thief who they found having a “conversation” with the guards. The heroes managed to get the guards off his back, and after a bit of intimidation, they convinced Garter to tell them what he knew. He told them that he was paid by the infamous Green-rose gang (a criminal group which when they kill someone, leave a green rose near the corpse) to tell them where they boy was and what was the best way to get him, as well as where the gang’s base of operation is. The party then let him go, and proceeded to find their lair.

Chapter 3: Gang warfare
At night, they snuck up to the Green-rose gangs base (two small houses on the outskirts of Jinglewater), taking out the sentries along the way. They then attacked the first house, which had a halfling and a tiefling in their. They beat both and interrogated them, but found nothing out from them, bar that the halfling was doing this out of survival, and the tiefling is a bastard. The party then attacked the second house, which had the Green-rose gangs leader, Lans Hander, and his pet drake in. After a swift fight, the players interrogated Hander, and found out that the gang themselves were hired by a man to take the boy to Deadman’s grove. The players then killed Lander and the tiefling, and freed the halfling. The players the buned the houses down, and proceeded to Deadman’s grove.

Chapter 4: “Dead men” grove
The players found Deadman’s grove, and proceeded to clear it out, slicing their way through a few dire rats and escaping a gas trap, to finally find a large double-door constructed of bones of goblins. Despite their being a riddle to solve, Khesdra decided to smash it in. The door shattered, only for the bones to reform as skeletons. The players smashed through them with ease. They then fought zombies, skeletons and eventually a Wight (which Khesdra rightly feared) before finally making it to the last room, where an evil necromancer called Faegrar Poisongrave was going to sacrifice Reed for some bizarre ritual. After the necromancer was stabbed, shot, had his arm chopped off and his face melted, he finally was killed by being chopped in half by Kai Rellin. They grabbed Reed, and quickly explored the rest of the dungeon, fighting rat swarms and letting some holed-up goblins escape from the dungeon. The party then proceeded to return to get Reed back to Errich.

That was a pretty awesome adventure, which we all enjoyed playing. I hope you enjoyed this adventure report, and episode 3 will soon be played out. Until then, Happy gaming !


Episode 1: Spell-edge
I want a magic item !

This is the first ever real D&D campaign im going to run, after having a number of one-shot adventures and a few failed campaigns under my belt. As such, this is a very important step not only for me as a DM, but also for my players as it is there first time in a campaign, so hopefully it’s gonna be a whole lot of fun. Playing in this episode were:
-Mike (me), the evil dungeon master of the world Lorr
-John, playing Khesdra Avaius, a neutral elven druid of spring
-Alistair, playing Halmar Antherson, a lawful good drow rogue
-Kyle, playing Kai Relin, a neutral human ranger

Chapter 1: The formation of the party
Stumbling out from the lair of the former Kobold King Karracus comes Khesdra. He was there because of a task he received from the barkeep up in Jingle-water. Now it was time to collect that reward. Along the way, he met Halmar and Kai Rellin, both of which decided to form up with Khesdra so as to ensure they travelled together safely. Halfway to Jingle-water, night fell, and the party decided to camp out in a old ruined watchtower. They were then attacked by a pair of wolves, but in typical new D and D adventurer fashion, managed to slay them both with reasonably well. They then continued on, and finally made it to the swinging axe tavern in Jingle-water.

Chapter 2: A new enemy
Upon getting there, the players found it to be quite loud, as a group of mercenaries led by a huge bearded man were causing a lot of ruck. Despite that, they met Jacob Jackson (JJ), the friendly human barkeep who gave Khesdra the quest, and Ambrose Melachor, an eladrin wizard who asked the group if they could travel to Spell-edge (a small dungeon complex belonging to a ancient coven of elves) to retrieve magic items (of which he would pay well for). As the heroes went up to bed to rest before heading off to Spell-edge, they had a minor altercation with the mercenaries around the table. They learned that they were the feared Knee-breakers, a elite fighting group of mercenaries who have as much conscience of killing heroes as they do murdering 100 civilians, and their leader, the renowned Droug Head-Smasher, was there. After a bit of sharp diplomacy, a mercenary getting hit against a wall and Droug clubbing Khesdra in the chest, they were forced to give up the 200 gold pieces that Khesdra got as a reward for killing King Karracus. Add another foe to the list, as John summarised they would no doubt run into them again-and that’s when they would have vengeance.

Chapter 3: Journey to Spell-edge
The heroes then stocked up with a few items, and journeyed to Spell-edge. They eventually, after 3 days travel, found a large stone seal inscribed with elven symbols in a gravel bank. After disabling the seal, they climbed 20 feet down a ladder to get to the entrance corridor of the dungeon.

Chapter 4: Trial by fire
Entering in through another slab, they found a room full of magical braziers. The braziers summoned fire elementals to attack the heroes. After a “hot” encounter, where the heroes sliced through their fiery foes and knocked over the braziers to stop them being re-summoned, they then went down the passageway to find a room full of dead elven mages. After a interesting encounter (where the staffs of the mages dominated Halmar and attempted to attack the heroes) their pockets were a little heavier, and they went up a long set of stairs. They then went into a room at the top where the leader of the coven, Kaidos Leaf-lord, told them about the history of the coven, and where the magic items were. They found a teleporter which should of led to a room containing magic items, but the teleporter was malfunctioning. Fortunately, they persuaded Kaidos to fix it, and looted the room, taking a few useful magic items.

Chapter 5: Kobold revenge !
However, as the party were about to leave, a large drill machine drilled through the wall, and a small group of Kobolds came through. They were led by the Kobold high priest Klast Karracus, and his large bugbear bodyguard named Brug. The party then had a largely intense fight, where they managed to beat Brug to within a inch of his life, and Kaidos was killed, but told the party before he died to find and kill Jagaer Grimsword. Klast and Brug then fled, flooding the room behind them to secure their exit. The party managed to avoid it, and went back they way they came, investigating a corridor they had not seen before. They then fought a warforged golem, looted a bookcase and decided to go back to Jingle-water to seek their reward from the eladrin wizard (whose motives they had begun to question).

Will Klast get his revenge ? Will the heroes find this Jagaer Grimsword ? Will the heroes get their own revenge on the evil Knee-breakers ? You’ll have to find out next episode folks ! AS always, hoped you enjoyed it, and I look forward to playing the next episode of this exciting new campaign. Until then, happy gaming !

-Mike, DM


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