Centuries ago, the land of Lorr was not like it was today. It used to be a empire under siege, as a evil Lich king by the name of Vastormix the Black lord, used all the time, effort, and power he could muster into destroying all other creatures upon Lorr. Using large armies of undead, and powerful necromatic spells, he laid waste to many cities, killing thousands of people only to raise them again and have them fight under his undying control. Other creatures, such as foul orcs, goblins, gnolls, and evil villians attacked the empire en masse too, often making alliances with the Black Lord to insure their place in his new and terrifying world order. Despite the empire’s best efforts, their resistance was being crushed, and it seemed as though the Black lords’ banner would fly over every stronghold.

However, there was light in the darkness, as a party of adventurers presented themselves as saviours of the world. Andran Foeslayer, a strong and resilient fighter, often fought his way through much of the Black lord’s army. Loneth Darkshade, a silent and precise rogue, often disrupted many of the Dark armies evil plots by killing their leaders. Mallosar Spellbreaker, a wizard of infamous magical power, blasted away enemies and duelled evil magical-users. Ustrad Sunbrand, a devoted and determined cleric of Pelor, led this band of adventurers in their fight against the The Black lord.

Despite the heroes’ great powers, they could not stand against the army of the Lich lord alone, and although they fought truly and with great strength, the empire of Lorr was still slowly failing. As such, the armies of the empire led one last desperate charge against the force of the Black lord, and as grim soldiers fought unnatural foes, the party cut their way through the lich’s lair, finally confronting The Black Lord face-to-face. The armies of good fought for as long as they could, and it payed off, as the army of undeath crumbled, and the armies which had sided with them fled. However, regardless of this sucess, the grand heroes who achieved this victory never came out of his lair, and to this day have never been seen.

200 years later, and the empire of Lorr is thriving once more. Since the war, the people of this land have truly expanded and grown, living content in a time of relative peace and freedom. Despite this, darkness in the world still exists. Since the war, a large area of desert and death has grown, known as The Dead Lands. The Northlands is rife with bestial threats, and foul demons often savage the area. Even within the mainlands, terrible monsters and scheming villains still exist, plotting the downfall of the very empire itself. It is a time of danger. It is a time of uncertainty.

It is a time of new heroes.