Episode 3: The fortress of Jarl Magar part: 1

Easy XP...

Playing one adventure a day after the other was awesome, as all the D and D juices were flowing in everyone’s head, and we had a lot of fun.

Playing in this episode were:
-Mike (me), the evil dungeon master of the world Lorr
-John, playing Khesdra Avaius, a neutral elven druid of spring
-Alistair, playing Halmar Antherson, a lawful good drow rogue
-Kyle, playing Kai Relin, a neutral human ranger

Chapter 1: Banking on heroes
The party returned to Jinglewater, giving Errich his son back, thinking it best not to tell him that he was abducted by a necromancer. After more of their typical shopping, where they purchased several magic items, they received a letter from Lord William Hague, the lord of Jinglewater, ordering to meet them tomorrow morning in the courtyard. They went their the next day, to find guards lined up all around the courtyard, with Lord Hague and the town infamous unfriendly cleric, Harg Farst. The Lord asked the heroes if they would accept a perilous quest to clear out the goblin fortress of Jarl Magar, as a goblin army was rising in there. It was being headed by Bask Jargon, an old Hob-goblin lieutenant of the ancient army who never let go of the idea that the army was destroyed. The heroes were offered a home in Jinglewater, as well as a large reward. The heroes accepted. Finally, as they were about to set out, Lord Hague gave them an ancient relic-the staff of life, a ancient golden rod which can bring people back from the dead-but one use only. With this artefact by their side, the heroes set out to clear out the fortress.

Chapter 2: The foot of the mountain
The heroes travelled 5 days, and after a dangerous encounter in a forest with a bear, the players found they could not rest, as they had to keep dodging goblin patrols. They finally reached the foot of the mountain, to find a dwarf surrounded by goblins. The players quickly intervened, brutally murdering the goblins. The dwarf introduced himself as Dalos Iron-foot, a dwarf who was here to kill all the goblins in Rook-rocks as vengeance for his slain brothers. The told the players of another way in-via a cavern, although he did not know what was going to be in there.
The players decided to take the cavern way in, avoiding the large (and heavily manned) fortress walls. As the players descended into the cavern, they were attacked by several spider. Finally managing to beat them all, they found a large double door, leading into the goblin fortress.

Chapter 3: Kicking goblin ass
The players went in through the door, and followed the corridor down to a 3 door split. The took the first door, which led to the goblin store-room, and a fight with a bugbear. They then took the next door, which was the goblin sleeping quarters. After brutally butchering all the goblins in there, they followed the door up, and fought another group of goblins. They found a large double door, which needed two stone circle-slabs to open. They then fought a hob-goblin patrol, and found two large prisoner holding cells. They freed all the prisoners (after a quick encounter with some goblins), which were Jarn, a dragon-born mercenary, Freda, a girl from Maple-field, Tom and Jerry, two brothers, and an elf, who the players (despite being told his name several times) called him Legolas. The players decided to get the prisoners out of here, as they still had to clear out the rest of the fortress. After going up some ladders, and failing a stealth check, Halmar managed to alert all the goblins on the wall that there were intruders in the fortress. They players et up an ambush, and after a pretty well-played fight for the players, the only casualties were Legolas and Jerry. The players then interrogated one of the hob-goblins, and found out that the other slab to open the door was with the tribe-shaman. The players then paid the mercenary to make sure Freda and Tom got out of the fortress and back to their homes safely.

Despite all that excitement, the adventure is not over. Part 2 will be coming soon folks. Until then, Happy gaming !

-Mike, DM



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