Abanazar [Jorgan Arcarnate] (deceased)

Head of necromancer cult-murdered by party for his treachery


A tall, brown-haired fair-faced kind High Lord, but in reality a undead ice blue hideous undead monster.


Abanazar was the leader of the Necromancer Cult in the world of Lorr. Known among themselves unofficially as the ‘Black Silence’, the cult intended to release the Dreaded Lich King Zaggaroth from his divine prison and bring a new swathe of darkness over the world. Abanazar was originally one of few human wizards within Lorr around 200 years ago, although his name has long been lost through time. Like Zaggaroth, he strove for greater power in the arcane arts and eventually turned to necromancy to do so. In the process, he killed himself and was resurrected in undeath as a Blue Arcarnian. Despite Zaggaroth’s imprisonment, his magical influence extended far beyond it, and he was to able to enslave the weak remainder of the wizard’s soul and bend it to his will. Abanazar then served him, recruiting necromancers to the cause and infiltrating the Empire’s chain of command by posing as a human known as Jorgan Arcarnate. He made himself renowned among the people and the nobility for his kind heart and good deeds, and quickly rose to the rank of one of the three High Lords. Abanazar also set the pieces in motion for Zaggaroth’s revenge,summoning Jaegar Grimmsword from the Nine Hells, giving the Ring of Asmodeus to Bayronx in the first place, forming an alliance with the Hellmoney family, unleashing demons on the Northlands, and compiling research on the ancient Eldtrich Machines. He first met the heroes after they had saved the people of Jader-Reach from the evil machinations of Klast, and soon won them over with faux support for Farfal’s cause to become a lord. Eventually, in the final piece of the Assault on Courtbridge he revealed himself and was slain by Farfal’s blade. Despite failing to fire the Hell-Cannon upon the capital, the Lich King was freed through Abanazar’s ritual, and the terrible Second Lich War began…

Abanazar [Jorgan Arcarnate] (deceased)

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