Abos Garter

Famous short human thief


A short black haired human thief, often clad in leather armour wearing a hood, and has a black goatee.


Abos Garter is a famous thief within the Empire of Lorr, particularly in the South-West Plain. Famous because he is skilled at stealing the most extraordinary things, but ironically is unskilled at evading the law. He originally grew up an orphan in Maple-Field, and not renowned for Lord Greymoor’s investment into the orphanage industry, Abos turned to stealing in order to get ahead in life. He first met the heroes when being interrogated by two guards, and informed them of a shady deal he had made with a necromancer to tell him the location of a young halfling boy named Reed Segar. After this Abos decided to move his work to the capital, avoiding dealing with shady types. This however landed him a great deal of trouble, as an unfortunate adventure where he ended up stealing High Lord Zarkovich’s underwear gave him a first-class ticket to the Empire’s prison-island of Noscarta. Fortunately, he was rescued by the heroes after a shadar-kai mercenary attacked the prison ship by the heroes, and finally made it back to mainland. During this time he left the capital intending to move to the Northlands after hearing of the Assault on Courtbridge and deciding the Empire was going to hell, but he was abducted by the Empire’s spies in order to unlock the Imperial War Museum. After almost meeting death several times during this adventure (notably almost from Brutalitax), Abos decided enough was enough, and left the Empire of Lorr to find life anew elsewhere, and hopefully a bit more coin.

Abos Garter

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